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1 سَغِبَ ذ , aor. سَغَبَ ; (S A, Msb, K;) and سَغَبَ, aor. سَغُبَ ; (A, K;) inf. n. سَغَبٌ, (S, A, * Msb, K,) which is of the former, (Sudot;, Msb, TA,) and سَغْبٌ, (K,) which is of the latter, (TA,) and سُغُوبٌ (K) and سَغَابَةٌ and مَسْغَبَةٌ, (A, * K,) the last syn. with مَجَاعَةٌ; (S, Msb;) He was, or became, hungry: (S, A, Msb, K:) or suffered hunger together with fatigue. (A, Msb, K.) You say, بِهِ سَغَبٌ and مَسْغَبَةٌ and سَغَابَةٌ, [using these ns. as simple substs.,] In him is hunger: or hunger together with fatigue. (A.) And يَتِيمٌ ذُو مَسْغَبَةٍ [An orphan] having hunger. (S.) And فِى يَوْمٍ ذِى مَسْغَبَةٍ, in the Kur [xc. 14], means In a day of hunger. (TA.) [See also سَغْبَةٌ and سَغَبٌ below.] 4 اسغب ذ He (a man, TA) entered upon a state of hunger. (K.) سَغَبٌ ذ an inf. n. of سَغِبَ [q. v.]. (S, &c.) ― -b2- It also signifies Thirst: but is unused: (K:) [or] thirst is sometimes thus termed. (Msb.) سَغِبٌ ذ : see سَاغِبٌ. سَغْبَةٌ ذ Hunger: or hunger combined with fatigue. (TA.) [See also 1.] سَغْبَانُ ذ ; and its fem., سَغْبَى: see the next paragraph, in three places. سَاغِبٌ ذ and ↓ سَغْبَانُ (S, A, Msb, K) and ↓ سَغِبٌ (K) Hungry: (S, A, Msb, K, TA:) or suffering hunger together with fatigue: (A, Msb, K:) or thirsty: (TA:) fem. [of the second] ↓ سَغْبَى , (S, K,) pl. سِغَابٌ. (K.) You say also, هُوَ سَاغِبٌ لَاغِبٌ (A, TA) and لَغْبَانُسَغْبَانُ (TA) [He is hungry and fatigued, or fatigued in the utmost degree]. And it is said in a trad., دَخَلَ خَيْبَرَ وَهُمْمُسْغِبُونَ , expl. as meaning [He entered Kheyber] they being hungry. (TA.) مُسْغِبٌ ذ : see its pl. in what next precedes. هُوَ مُسَغَّبٌ لَهُ كَذَا ذ and مَسَعَّبٌ [the latter written in the CK مُسْغَبٌ] To him is allowed, or permitted, such a thing. (K, TA.)

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