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Q. 1 سَرْبَلَهُ ذ , (S, K,) or سَرْبَلَهُ سِرْبَالًا, (M, Msb,) inf. n. سَرْبَلَةٌ, (KL,) He clad him with a سِرْبَال. (S, Msb, K.) Q. 2 تَسَرْبَلَ ذ , (S,) or تَسَرْبَلَ سِرْبَالًا (Msb) or بِسِرْبَالٍ, (M, K,) He clad himself, or became clad, with a سِرْبَال: (S, M, Msb, K:) and so تَسَرْبَنَ, in which, accord. to Yaakoob, the ن is a substitute for the ل of the former. (M.) سَرْبَلَةٌ ذ Broken, or crumbled, bread, (ثَرِيدٌ, M, K,) or a mess of broken, or crumbled, bread, (ثَرِيدَةٌ, AA, TA,) having, (K,) or moistened with, (AA,) grease, or dripping, or gravy, (AA, K,) or having much thereof. (M.) سِرْبَالٌ ذ A shirt: (S, M, Msb, K:) and [so in the M, and in the Ham p. 65, but in the Msb and K “ or ”] a coat of mail: (M, Msb, K:) the former is the primary signification: (Ham p. 349:) or anything that is worn: (M, K:) pl. سَرَابِيلُ, (Msb, TA,) which occurs in the Kur xvi. 83 [in the first and also in the second of the senses mentioned above]: (TA:) and سِرْبَانٌ signifies the same as سِرْبَالٌ, the ن being, accord. to Yaakoob, a substitute for the ل. (M.) ― -b2- In the following words of a trad. of 'Othmán, لَا أَخْلَعُ سِرْبَالًا سَرْبَلَنِيهِ ا@للّٰهُ [I will not pull off a garment with which God has invested me], it is metonymically applied to the office of Khaleefeh. (TA.)

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