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There is also the sea-grayling. Epicharmus, in his Hebe's Wedding, says—
There is the variegated scorpion,
The lizard, and the fat sea-grayling too.
And Numenius, in his Treatise on Fishing, says—
The hycca, the callicthys, and the chromis,
The orphus, the sea-grayling too, who haunts
The places where seaweed and moss abound.
And Archestratus, praising the head of the glaucus, says—
If you're at Megara or at Olynthus,
Dress me a grayling's head. For in the shallows
Around those towns he's taken in perfection.
And Antiphanes, in his Shepherd, says—
Bœotian eels, and mussels too from Pontus,
Graylings from Megara, from Carystus shrimps,
Eretrian phagri, and the Scyrian crabs.
[p. 463] And the same writer, in his Philotis, speaks thus—
A. What shall be done with the grayling?
B. Why
Now, as at other times, boil him in brine.
A. What with the pike?
B. Why roast him whole, and dish h m.
A. What with the galeus?
B. Do him up with stuffing,
And serve him hot.
A. How will you have the eels!?
B. Cook them with salt, and marjoram, and water.
A. The conger?
B. Do the same.
A. The ray?
B. Take herbs
And season him with them.
A. There is besides
Half a large tunny.
B. Roast it.
A. Some goat's venison.
B. Roast that.
A. How will you have the rest o' the meat?
B. All boil'd.
A. The spleen?
B. Stuff that.
A. The paunch and trail?

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