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1 خَبَتِ النَّارُ خبت النار , aor. تَخْبُو, inf. n. خُبُوٌّ (JK, S, Msb, K) and خَبْوٌ, (K,) The fire became allayed; subsided; (K;) became extinguished; (S, K;) the flaming, or blazing, of the fire ceased, or became allayed or extinguished. (JK, Msb.) [The verb is used, in this sense, of Hell, in the Kur xvii. 99.] ― -b2- [Hence,] خَبَتِ الحَرْبُ (tropical:) The war became allayed, assuaged, or appeased; (JK, K, TA;) became extinguished. (K, TA.) And خَبَتْ حِدَّةُ النَّاقَةِ (tropical:) The sharpness, or irascibility, of the she-camel became allayed, assuaged, or appeased. (JK, K, * TA.) And خَبَا لَهَبُهُ (tropical:) The heat, or vehemence, of his anger became allayed, assuaged, or appeased. (TA.) 4 اخبى النَّارَ اخبي النار He extinguished the fire; (S, K;) he allayed, or extinguished, the flaming, or blazing, of the fire. (JK, Msb.) ― -b2- And [hence,] اخبى الحَرْبَ (tropical:) He extinguished [or allayed] the fire of the war. (K, TA.) And اخبى حِدَّةَ النَّاقَهِ (tropical:) He extinguished [or allayed] the sharpness, or irascibility, of the she-camel. (K, * TA.) خِبَآءٌ خبآء accord. to some belongs to this art. (TA in art. خبأ.) See arts. خبأ and خبى.

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