Front of temple, Amphiaraion, Temple of Amphiaraios

Interior of temple from NE, Amphiaraion, Temple of Amphiaraios

Plan, Amphiaraion, Temple of Amphiaraios

Overall view of temple from W, Amphiaraion, Temple of Amphiaraios

Double interior row of columns seen from E, Amphiaraion, Temple of Amphiar...

Context: Amphiaraion
Type: Temple
Summary: Temple; at the western end of the Sanctuary of Amphiaraios.
Date: ca. 300 BC - 200 BC
Region: Attica
Period: Hellenistic


Doric temple, hexastyle in antis with a cella opening northeast onto the pronaos. Inside the cella, 3 aisles created by 2 rows of columns, 5 columns to a row. At the rear of the temple a door led to a small adyton.


The temple replaced an earlier, smaller one just to the north, on the terrace where later dedications stood. Immediately in front of the temple were the altars, a sacred spring and a curved seating area (probably for attending ceremonies). Dinsmoor reconstructs the temple with a two-columned rear entrance instead of an adyton.

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