Collection: Athens, Acropolis Museum
Title: Part of figure 52 of slab 21 of the Parthenon, South Frieze
Context: From Athens, Acropolis
Findspot: Found at Athens
Summary: Head and neck of a horse and head and upper body of a man
Sculptor: Attributed to the workshop of Pheidias
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Architectural
Category: Separated fragments
Placement: Frieze
Style: High Classical
Technique: Medium relief
Original or Copy: Original
Date: exact 442 BC - exact 438 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.31 m
Scale: Slightly under life-size
Region: Attica
Period: High Classical
In Whole: Parthenon Frieze

Condition: Fragmentary

Condition Description: Two joining fragments, preserving part of the upper edge of slab 21; otherwise broken all around.

Material Description: Pentelic

Associated Building: Athens, Parthenon

Sources Used: Brouskari 1974, 141, fig. 277 (with previous bibliography)