Collection: Athens, Agora Museum
Summary: Dancing maenads
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: In the manner of the Dinos Painter
Context: Athens, Agora
Date: ca. 420 BC - ca. 410 BC
Dimensions: (a) H. 0.063 m; W. 0.057 m(b) H. 0.062 m; W. 0.052 m(c) H. 0.020 m; W. 0.029 m(d) H. 0.096 m; W. 0.107 m
Primary Citation: ARV2, 1685
Shape: Bell krater (?)
Beazley Number: 275477
Period: High Classical

Decoration Description: Maenads dancing (?): On fragment (a) Paidia (labelled), near profile to the right (front of head, left shoulder, breast, and left hand preserved), with her hair tied back, wearing a thin sleeved chiton, and a white wreath, holds a round object in her (missing) right hand, and raises a bossed round object (cymbals, phiale, or pyxis lid) in her right hand. On fragment (b) a maenad, thought to be Thymedia (labelled), 3/4-view to the right (back of head, right shoulder and right arm above wrist preserved), wearing a sleeveless chiton, a pony tail, and a white beaded necklace, is partially obscured by her thyrsos; on fragment (c) is preserved only a small portion of drapery from a thin chiton.

Collection History: Athens, Agora, Section I #971, in a well (found 15-16 May 1936)