Collection: Athens, National Archaeological Museum
Summary: Sappho, Kallis, and Nikopolis, with and musical instruments
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Group of Polygnotos
Context: From Vari
Date: ca. 440 BC - ca. 430 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.39 m; diam. (lip) 0.162 m
Primary Citation: ARV2, 1060.145
Shape: Hydria-kalpis
Beazley Number: 213777
Period: High Classical

Decoration Description: A female figure standing profile to the right, with her left foot advanced, wearing a himation around her lower body and draped over left shoulder, over a short-sleeved chiton, her bent left arm obscured by the himation, and a narrow taenia, extends a wreath, held in her right hand, with which she crowns Sappho (labelled), seated profile to the right on a klismos, wearing a himation draped around her lower body and over her left shoulder, over a medium-sleeved chiton, her hair in a bun, reading a scroll held with both hands in her lap; a female figure, labelled Kallis, standing near profile to the left, with both legs bent, but her left leg slightly advanced, wearing a himation enveloping her body, over a chiton, and a taenia, rests her left hand (obscured by the himation) on her hip, and holds a lyre in her slightly upraised right hand, to the left; a female figure, Nikopolis (labelled), standing 3/4-view to the left, her right leg slightly advanced, wearing a himation over her left shoulder and draped around her lower body, over a chiton, her bent left arm bundled in the himation (and her left hand on her hip?), rests her right arm on the shoulder of Kallis; another wreath is in the field above her head.

Graffiti: According to Matheson (287) "The scroll is written in the Ionic alphabet; the inscriptions on the unrolled section are written lengthwise while those on the rolled parts are written vertically. Some letters are legible, and the word theoi has been read a

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