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Side B: Dionysos, kantharos in right hand

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Side B: Dionysos, from the waist up

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Side A: kneeling Amazon at left, from the waist up

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Side B: oblique view from right

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Side view, side A to right

Collection: Johns Hopkins University Museum, Baltimore
Summary: Side A: Herakles and Amazons. Side B: Dionysos, maenads, satyrs
Ware: Attic Black Figure
Context: Said to be from Gela
Date: ca. 540 BC - ca. 530 BC

H. 0.542 m., D. Rim 0.344 m., D. Foot 0.208 m.

Shape: Amphora
Region: Sicily
Period: Archaic

Date Description:

Shape and Herakles scene typical of second half of sixth century B.C.

Decoration Description:

Side A: Herakles attacks an Amazon, with other Amazons on either side. Herakles wears his lion skin, holds a dagger in his right hand, with which he is about to stab the Amazon, and carries a bow-case and scabbard. His opponent moves away to the right, turning back towards Herakles, her right arm uplifted with a spear, and holding her shield on her left arm to defend herself. Her right leg is bent as she falls. This central group is flanked by two other Amazons on each side. All Amazons wear crested helmets, chitons and cuirasses, and carry shields (the devices, from left to right, are: pellets, bull's head (?), serpent and ball, disc, tripod). In addition, Herakles' opponent wears an animal skin tied around her neck. Palmette band runs above the scene.

Side B: Dionysos standing in center with kantharos. He wears a himation and ivy wreath, and carries the kantharos in his left hand. Four vine branches wind away from his shoulder. He is flanked by two maenads facing him, wearing long chitons; the right-hand maenad wears a short jacket in addition. At the panel edge are two nude satyrs. Lotus bud chain runs above the scene. There are rays at the base. Added white is used for the skin of the Amazons, shield devices, the skin of the maenads and other lesser elements. Added red is seen on the clothing, helmet plumes, shield rims, and ivy wreaths.

Shape Description:

Amphora Type B


RW No. 99

Collection History:

Formerly Robinson Collection, from Barden Collection of Hamberg.

Sources Used:

Williams 1984, 134-136, no. 99

Other Bibliography:

CVA, Robinson 1 (USA 4) 43-44, pls. XXV.2, XXVI, XXVII