Overview: oblique from right

Main panel: scene at center

Collection: Indiana University Art Museum
Summary: Central panel with leaping dogs and ibexes.
Ware: Fikellura
Date: ca. 580 BC

H. 30.8 cm, H. without handle 26.8 cm, D. of foot 10.3 cm, D. of lip 13.0 cm, Max. D. 20.0 cm.

Primary Citation: Moon 1979, no. 18, p. 29
Shape: Oinochoe
Ceramic Phase: Early Fikellura
Period: Archaic


Brown glaze, originally on foot and lower body, is now missing.

Decoration Description:

The central panel (only on obverse) is framed by a simple, vertical guilloche on either side, with filled centers, and the panel contains: a leaping dog, an ibex, a leaping dog and ibex (all r.). The filling ornament: triglyph motive in two different heights at the base line; in the very center, below, a somewhat abstract palmette; on top, a hanging half rosette (with a triangular interior subdivision and an outer border of small squares in between a double line); at the left, a large, now rather faded, quatrefoil rosette. Spoked-wheel rosettes, dot-rosettes and cross-designs are scattered, spaciously. Three registers of "crescents," the middle one in reverse direction, each register separated by a row of dots bounded by thin lines. A row of simple strokes (tongue patterns) at the base of the neck, and a meander band on the neck. There is a square, in brown glaze, drawn at the base of the handle and the reverse is otherwise decorated with rays. There are now only traces of added red on the decoration.

Shape Description:

Trefoil oinochoe, low flaring ring foot, heavy, ovoid body, low offset neck, wide trefoil mouth, three-reeded handle. Surface covered with thin, cream slip, partially gone. Foot and beginning of lower body glazed with brown glaze (now missing). Three-reeded handle barred on exterior, reserved on interior.

Material Description:

The clay is rather porous in structure with grog and some calcine impurities, with small micaceous specks. Its color reads approximately 2.5 YR 66 light red (Munsell).


Moon No. 18

Collection History:

Museum purchase

Sources Used:

Moon 1979, p. 29

Other Bibliography:

For a brief mention of the acquisition of the piece: GBA Supp. La Chronique des Arts no. 1261 (February 1974) 99.