Interior: view from above

Overview: horses facing oblique left front

Overview: horses facing left

Base: view from below

Overview: horses facing rear

Overview: horses facing oblique right front

Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Geometric ornament on the body and two (originally three) plastic horses on the lid.
Ware: Attic Geometric
Date: ca. 750 BC - ca. 735 BC

D. 0.300 m

Shape: Pyxis
Ceramic Phase: Middle Geometric
Period: Geometric


There is some wear and discoloration on the surface of the pyxis.

Decoration Description:

A band of geometric ornament on the body is divided into panels containing swastikas, meanders, a circle filled with dotted circles, diamonds with hatched outlines and filled with dotted circles, and quatrefoils with small triangles in the spaces created by the arms of the crosses. The bottom of the pyxis is decorated with a large rosette between radiating circles. There is a simple quatrefoil on the interior floor of the pyxis. The two remaining horses from the original three on the lid have black bodies and reserved heads and necks painted with stripes, dot-filled circles and, on either side of the head, a crossed circle.

Collection History:

The pyxis was purchased by Georges Nicole for the University Museum, Philadelphia, in 1930.

Sources Used:

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Other Bibliography:

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