Side B lower panel: youth pursuing woman

Main panel: sphinx right of side B, lower half

Main panel: sphinx right of side A, lower half

Side B main panel: maid on left, lower half

Side B lower panel: youth pursuing woman

Side A main panel: youth on right, upper half

Collection: Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design
Summary: Body: A: Woman stands between youths; B: Mistress and maids; Foot: A: Poseidon pursues a woman; B: Youth pursues woman
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Pan Painter
Attributed By: J.D. Beazley
Date: ca. 480 BC - ca. 460 BC

H. with lid 0.380 m., Max D. 0.160 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 552, 27 (21 bis)
Shape: Lebes gamikos
Ceramic Phase: Free Style
Beazley Number: 206302
Period: Early Classical


Glaze on lid and neck worn off.

Decoration Description:

Body: Side A: Woman stands between youths. In the center stands a woman in profile, facing right. She wears a long chiton and a himation, and her hair is done up in a sakkos or snood. She gesticulates with her right hand and holds out her garment with her left. At the right, facing her, is a youth, draped in a himation which covers the back of his head. While leaning forward on a staff, he has his right hand on his hip and he points downward with his left. To the left, behind the woman, another youth stands to the right, his head turned to the left, away from the central scene. He is similarly clad with his himation draped over the back of his head. Also leaning on a staff, he holds a wreath in his right hand.

Side B: Mistress and maids. In the center a woman sits in profile, facing right, on a stool with a dotted cushion. She wears a long Ionic style chiton with loose elbow sleeves and decorated with two broad stripes; over her left shoulder is draped a himation. On her head she wears a sakkos or snood and earrings. She leans forward, gesturing with her right hand, palm up. On the right, and facing her, a woman stands in profile, similarly clad, with a kalathos in her right hand. Behind the seated woman, to the left, another woman stands in profile, facing left. She gestures with her left arm raised, similarly clad, but without the snood.

The knob is black. Where it joins the lid, there are rays. On the upper surface at the edge of the lid there are rosettes. The neck and handles are black. Below the handles are sphinxes. Above the design is tongue pattern where the neck joins the shoulder. Below the design is a reserved band and broad black stripe. Below this are rays which terminate in a black ridge where the body joins the foot.

Foot: Side A: Poseidon pursues a woman. Bearded Poseidon, partially clad in a himation, is identified by the trident which is placed obliquely beside him. He rushes to the left in hot pursuit of a young woman. He extends his left arm to catch her and holds together his garment with his left hand. The young woman flees to the left, her head turning back to the right to check on the sea god's advances. She gestures with her left hand as if to push him away. With her right, she holds up her garment so as to be able to run faster. With her hair gathered up in a sakkos or snood, she wears a long Ionic style chiton with loose elbow sleeves and a row of dots above the selvage. Perhaps the scene above is related in theme with the woman trying to evade the clear interests of the young men.

Side B: Youth pursues woman. To the left is a youth draped in a himation. Striding to the right, he pursues a young woman. With his right hand raised as if to catch her, he holds onto his garment with his left. Daintily, she holds up her dotted chiton with her right hand and carries her kalathos off with her left.

Beneath the ridge which joins the body to the foot, there is a band of vertical zigzags; below the design is a reserved band and rays.

Shape Description:

Lid has high knob

Collection History:

Gift of Mrs. Gustav Radeke, 1928.

Sources Used:

CVA, USA 2, RISD 1, p.29, Pl.21: 2a-b

Other Bibliography:

Banks RISD Bulletin XVI (1928) p.51