Main panel: Alkrisios, upper half

Main panel: alabastron in Danae's hand

Main panel: Danae, upper half

Shoulder: floral decoration

Main panel: Danae

Main panel: chest containing Perseus

Collection: Toledo Museum of Art
Summary: Danae and Perseus.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Providence Painter
Date: ca. 480 BC - ca. 470 BC

H. 0.405 m., d. mouth 0.08 m., d. shoulder 0.135 m., d. foot 0.088 m.

Shape: Lekythos
Period: Early Classical


Some bits missing and restored in plaster, including the left hand of Danae, the right foot of Akrisios, and the left foot of the chest.

Decoration Description:

Danae and Perseus. In the center Perseus stands within a chest with open lid. He is wearing a himation over his left shoulder, and he looks left toward his mother and raises his right arm to her. Danae stands on the left holding the edge of the chest with her right hand, with an alabastron balanced in her raised, outstretched left hand. She wears a chiton, himation, fillet, and bracelets on both arms. Akrisios stands at the right end of the chest; he is wearing chiton, himation, and fillet. He is reaching his right arm out toward Danae, while his left hand holds a scepter upright. Its lower end resembles a spear point, and its upper end is a lotus finial. The feet of the chest are cut as lion paws. On the side of the chest are rows of dots, circles, star rosettes, and along the top edge, two lions threatening a boar caught between them.

Added red is used for Danae's bracelets and a thong around the neck of the alabastron. Relief contours are used throughout, except for hair outlines and parts of the two adults' himatia. The main panel is bounded above and below by stopped meanders in groups of three, interspersed with checker squares. The shoulder contains a Doric kymation at the top, followed by five palmettes in a chain. The central pendent palmette has a lotus to either side, which are flanked by outward pointing palmettes and then a final pair pointing in. Around the foot runs a narrow groove. A shadow of drapery folds from another scene is barely visible behind Danae.

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