26 Buildings whose Building Type is House

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Plan, Aegina, Amphipoleion

Foundations of priests' quarters from NW, Aegina, Amphipoleion

Plan, Athens, House of the Arrephoroi

Southwest corner of house (modern restoration), from S, Athens, House of t...

Northeast corner of house, from NW, Athens, House of the Marbleworkers

Plan, Athens, North Houses

Plan, Delos, House of the Diadoumenos

Peristyle court and destroyed mosaic floor with cistern underneath, Delos,...

Plan, House of the Lake

Club of Heracles and phallus apotropaic reliefs on house wall, Delos, Hous...

Detail of floor mosaic, a mask, Delos, House of the Masks

Floor mosaic, satyr, Delos, House of the Masks

Mosaic floor with two panels (a female triton preserved), Delos, House of ...

Geometric mosaic and wellhead in the impluvium, Delos, House of the Trident

Room with painted stucco, Delos, House on the Hill

Plan, Delos, House on the Hill

Plan, Eleusis, Hiera Oikia

Archaic terrace wall of Priest's House, Eleusis, Priest's House,...
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