160 Vases whose Period is Classical

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Arezzo amphora: Overview drawing of the vase, with a rolled out image of s...

Arezzo amphora: Drawing of side A, showing Pelops' abduction of Hippo...

Main panel: woman swinging

Overview: vertical handle rear

Main panel: lovemaking

Main panel: lovemaking

Side B: gigantomachy

Side A: Enkelados

Side A: Paris

Tondo: birds

Side A: Ge, Erichthonios and Athena

Tondo: Eos and Kephalos, upper half

Overview: handles front and rear

Overview: handles right and left

Side A: Thracian on near right

Side B: woman on far right

Side A: head of Ajax

Handle: right of side A

Side A: centauromachy with Perithoos

Tondo: Herakles and Nessos
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