289 Vases whose Region is Etruria

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Panathenaic amphora attributed to the Berlin Painter: Drawing of side B, s...

Side A: overview.

Side A: overview

Side A: woman with helmet and shield.

Side B: woman at right.

Side A: hoplite, detail of head and torso. Inscriptions:

Side B: inscription.

Handle, side A at left.

Side B: oblique view from right.

Side B: Girl at right.

Rim: frieze of panthers and goats from above.

Side A: oblique view from the right.

Side C: Nereid at left, detail of head and body.

Side A: Peleus and Thetis.

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Tondo: youth playing aulos, from the thighs down

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Tondo: Dionysos, upper half

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Tondo: Dionysos, lower half
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