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The Daily Dispatch: June 26, 1861., [Electronic resource], The peace movement in New York City. (search)
s, the Mayor on yesterday investigated the conduct of Watchman Benjamin Bolton, in relation to the charge of disorderly conduct brought againIt appeared from the testimony of J. T. Sutherland and others, that Bolton had either found in the street or had taken possession of, a carria. Sutherland found a number on it, and told him where to carry it.--Bolton then drove up the street at a rapid rate and disappeared around Binacting a crowd of persons.--The witness stated that he did not know Bolton, but that he appeared "excited" on the occasion. Another witness testified that Bolton cursed the colored driver when he applied for the restoration of his vehicle. Officer Morris, who came up, advised BoltoBolton to have the negro punished if he had done anything worthy of it, and to give up the carriage — This B. at first refused, seeming to take Mor proved, and dismissed B. from the watch. It is proper to say that Bolton denied being drunk and justified his proceedings. At the conclusio
Mayor's Court, Monday,July 22. --George Webster, from Maryland, wandering about the streets — no place to stay --committed.--Edward, slave of H. B. Holmes, committed for going at large.-- Isaac Cooper, Henrico darkey, living in the city without a register — set to work.-- Ezekiel Ruffin, no papers — set to work.--Charles Freeman, no papers and drunk-- committed.--Sarah A. J se, white, associating with Billy, a slave --committed. William Guy, committed to 23d for shooting and wounding Wm. Myers.--Henry Bowen, assaulting Richard P. Mundin — acquitted.--Michael McCrony, acquitted of an alleged assault on Mrs. Mary Ann Sexton, on 20th street.--Benjamin Bolton, bailed to appear on the 26th for assaulting and beating Adam W
Police Court, July 26th --Senior Alderman Sanxay, presiding.--Benjamin Bolton was bound over to appear before the Grand Jury to answer a presentment for assaulting and beating Adam Weaver. Thomas Bradford was fined five dollars for keeping his bar-room open after 10 o'clock on the night of the 23d inst., Another case against the same individual was dismissed. Sarah A. Jones was put in jail for 60 days in default of security for lewd conduct. Billy, slave of Jacob Holliday, was ordered 30 lashes for being intimate with Jones. George Saulhouse, a suspicious person, was committed until the 23d. John Duff, charged with stealing two horses and a buggy from some unknown person in Winchester, was committed until the 31 st. Michael Sullivan, soldier, was sent on to be examined by the Hustings Court, for feloniously cutting and stabbing Francis J. Smith, on Broad street, on Thursday evening. The act was proved to have been done without cause or provocation on Mr
Mayor's Court, July 29. --Adam Weaver, provoking language to the family of Benj. Bolton, dismissed; Ann T. Hughes, ill-governed house, acquitted; Cornelius Cronin, assaulting Mrs. Mary Murphy and Goe. Drissoll, security in $150 required; Joseph, slave of Jefferson Powers, whipped for stealing clothes from Col. Dimmock's servant; George Salhouse, suspicious character, and E. Kerch-legal, incendiary language, continued until to-day; A. R. Abercrombie, drunk, let off; John J. Jackson, crazy soldier, sent to jail. The last-named poor fellow had been in the edge since last Friday.
Presentments by the Grand Jury. --The Hustings Court Grand Jury presented the following persons for misdemeanors, viz: Mary Gladson, Washington Brown, John Brogan, Sebastian Knewbard, Patrick McNeal, Benjamin Bolton, Daniel Crawford, E. K. Lockwood, John A. Scott, Michael Kearney, Joseph Vernon, Thomas Smith and Mary Sullivan. The Grand Jury will meet again on Thursday. The Court, by virtue of an ordinance of the Convention of the State of Virginia, passed on the 1st day of July, 1861, order that all able-bodied free male negroes, between the ages of eighteen and fifty years, within the jurisdiction of this Court at the date of the said ordinance, be enrolled, and that said enrollment be deposited in the Clerk's Office of this Court, and that the Mayor of this city be requested to have this order executed. Lucius J. Quinlin, charged with receiving a let of leaf tobacco, (1,000 pounds, worth $100,) on the 4th of July, the property of Wm. H. Kennen and E. H. Chamberlayn
six months.--[The fine was paid before the Court adjourned.] Emanuel, slave of B. A. Cooks, was tried for cutting and stabbing Bill, slave of John P. Ballard, on 12th day of July, found guilty, and ordered 39 lashes, well laid on. Benjamin Bolton was tried for assaulting Adam Weaver, found guilty, and fined $20.--The Court did not add imprisonment. Bolton paid the fine. In the case of Daniel Crawford, indicted for misdemeanor, a nolle prosequs was entered by the Commonwealth's , and fined $20.--The Court did not add imprisonment. Bolton paid the fine. In the case of Daniel Crawford, indicted for misdemeanor, a nolle prosequs was entered by the Commonwealth's Attorney. John A. Scott was tried for an assault on Peter Johnson, found guilty, and fined $10, and ordered to be confined by the Court till the same be paid. John Brogan was tried for breaking into F. Fairbank's house, and fined $5, which his officers (he being a bold soldier boy,) paid for him.
Violent assault. --On Thursday night John Gentry made a violent assault upon Benjamin Bolton, at the Charleston House, near the Second market. The affair was yesterday brought to the attention of the Recorder, who considered it sufficiently aggravated to redemand the action of a higher court. He therefore held Gentry to bail in the sum of $200 to keep the peace and to appear before the Grand Jury in February next.
William introduced a white witness, who testified that the articles had been given him by soldiers for various little attentions which he had shown them. The Mayor continued the case for further consideration. The continued case of John W. Cariton, charged with stealing one horse from Geo. Miles, of Lancaster county, was called, but, without going into any further examination, it was sent on to the February term of the Hustings Court. The examination into the charge against Benjamin Bolton, of receiving five bottles of wine stolen from N. Tinsloy Pate, knowing they were not honestly gotten possession of, was further postponed till Tuesday next. The charge against John Slaughter, of going at large, was referred to the Hustings Court for final settlement. A negro named Peter Scott, alias Peter Williams, was ordered twenty-five lashes for having in his possession an improper pass. Several other negroes were ordered stripes, varying in number from ten to thirty
Hustings Court, on the charge of stealing a gold watch and chain from Mrs. Roy, a boarder at the above-named hotel. Richard and Washington, slaves, were ordered twenty-five lashes for stealing Government iron. A negro named William Hudson, was ordered twenty-five lashes for stealing whiskey. Two negroes, named Charles and Thomas, were discharged after undergoing examinations for trivial offences. The case which has been pending before the Mayor for some time, against Benjamin Bolton, charged with receiving five bottles of wine, the property of N. Tinsley Pate, knowing it to have been stolen, was sent on to the Grand Jury of the Hustings Court for indictment. Another postponement was made of the examination of Henry Hungerford, arrested some time since on the charge of keeping a faro bank, in violation of law. The difficulty in this case is in obtaining the attendance of an important witness for the Commonwealth, a young man who, it is said, has lost recently a