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sons to be admitted plead that they are in opinion or judgment for a silential vote. This step backwards in church discipline seemed nullified by the adroit introduction of the concluding proviso. May 9, 1755: Brothers Samuel Brooks and Jonathan Bradshaw were chosen deacons, unanimously. Samuel Brooks, Esq., declined; Brother Bradshaw accepted. Aug. 31, 1755: Received a folio Bible from the Hon. T. Royal, and voted thanks. 1759: Voted to read the Scriptures in the congregation. Wany part of our reformation from Popish superstition. 1759: Chose Brother Ebenezer Brooks a deacon, unanimously. March 24, 1767: Brothers Isaac Warren and Samuel Kidder were chosen deacons. March 7, 1763: Deacon Benjamin Willis, Deacon Jonathan Bradshaw, Deacon Ebenezer Brooks, Dr. Simon Tufts, Captain Caleb Brooks, Stephen Hall, Esq., Samuel Brooks, Esq., Mr. Samuel Angier, and Mr. Hugh Floyd, were chosen a Committee to treat with Rev. Mr. Turell, relating to the singing of Tate and Br
in the following words:-- We, the subscribers, do enter our dissent against the vote abovesaid, referring to the building of a new meeting-house, for the reasons following; to wit: first, it is wholly contrary to the warrant granted for said meeting; and also, it being contrary to a former vote of the town. John Bradshaw, Selectmen. Thomas Tufts, Selectmen. John Willis. John Richardson. Benjamin Willis. Benjamin Parker. John Bradshaw, jun. Nathaniel Hall. John Grattan. Jonathan Bradshaw. Peter Seccombe. John Hall. Thomas Willis. Peter Tufts. This difference of opinion, running longitudinally east and west, destroyed not the harmony of the town in other things; but served only to postpone action, and wait the leadings of Providence. More than two years elapsed before we find the following vote: To place the new meeting-house either on the north or south side of the country road, on a piece of land belonging to John Bradshaw, jun. This spot was afterwards reje
. John Willis0300168067 Lieutenant Stephen Hall0300140034 Deacon Thomas Hall0300122028 Deacon Thomas Willis0600115019 Mr. Francis Whitmore0300144033 Mr. John Whitmore0600168040 Mr. William Patten0300510010 Mr. Jonathan Hall0300940211 Dr. Simon Tufts0300123035 Mr. William Willis0300114017 Mr. Benjamin Willis0300143059 Mr. John Albree03009110110 Mr. John Hall030078043 Mr. Andrew Hall0300820311 Mr. Thomas Oakes0600188020 Joseph Tufts0300156077 John Bradshaw, jun.060094021 Jonathan Bradshaw0300106020 Nathaniel Hall0300940011 Nathaniel Francis030096013 Stephen Francis030040004 Samuel Polly030041004 Benjamin Tufts0600510012 Aaron Blanchard030041014 Benjamin Weber030041004 Jonathan Weber030041004 William Benford030000012 John Atwood030000004 John Tufts060041000 Joseph Francis030013000 Stephen Greenleaf060044028 Richard Waite030094010 Jacob Polly030024009 Samuel Turner030039000 Oliver Atwood030019004 Joseph Weber030000000 Ebenezer Francis030000000 John Fos
2Stephen, b. Sept. 16, 1707.  13Simon, b. Oct. 3, 1709. 1-5John Bradshaw m. Mercy Tufts, Mar. 14, 1718, and had--  5-14John. b. Feb. 13, 1719.  15Mercy, b. Dec. 27, 1721; m. Joseph Newell, Feb. 21, 1740.  16Elizabeth, b. Oct. 19, 1722.  17Nathan, b. Jan. 4, 1724.  18Cotton, b. Dec. 15, 1725; d. Aug. 13, 1765.  19Ruth, b. Dec. 22, 1727.  20Anna, b. Apr. 4, 1730.  21Sarah, b. May 1, 1734.  22Joshua, b. July 6, 1736.  23Peter, b. May 6, 1738.  24Rebecca, b. Feb. 6, 1744. 1-6Jonathan Bradshaw m. Mary Watson, Apr. 17, 1722. He was a deacon of the church in 1723. He had--  6-25Jonathan, b. Feb. 13, 1723.  26Abraham, b. Oct. 14, 1724.  27Mary, b. May 15, 1729.  28Anna, b. Apr. 4, 1730.  29William, b. Aug. 14, 1733.  30Jonathan, b. Apr. 10, 1735.  31Rebecca, b. Jan. 17, 1737.  32Susanna, b. May 24, 1742.  33Elizabeth, b. Jan. 20, 1745. 1-8Samuel Bradshaw m. Sarah----, and had--  8-34Samuel, b. July 18, 1737.  35William, b. Apr. 20, 1739.  36Sarah
Historic leaves, volume 3, April, 1904 - January, 1905, Charlestown schools within the peninsula Revolutionary period (search)
nd schoolmaster, 1780–‘82. The account of him in Wyman would seem to need verification. He was the son of James and Phebe (Johnson) Trumbull, and was born in 1754. At one time he was living in Andover, where he married (1778) Frances, daughter of Joseph Phipps. Wyman makes brief mention of three children, but does not allude to his son John, of Norwich, whom I find referred to on the selectmen's books. Evidently Mr. Trumbull fell ill in 1782, when his family was not with him, for Jonathan Bradshaw received out of the rent for the school lot £ 3 8s. 7d. for boarding him four weeks and four days. In their anxiety, the selectmen sent a messenger, Mr. Wyeth, to Norwich to confer with the son about boarding his father for the ensuing winter. As no convenient place amongst us can be found, if you will take him and provide, the selectmen will see to it that you are paid. But the worthy town fathers were relieved of their responsibility in a different way, for November 4, 1782, we rea
thel, 35. Billerica, Mass., 1, 7, 9. Bishop of London, 18. Blackstone, Lone Settler of Boston, 30. Blackstone Street, Boston, 4. Blessing of the Bay, The, 33. Booth, Dr. E. C., 20, 89, 92. Boston Avenue, Somerville, 3. Boston Gazette, 65. Boston & Lowell Railroad, 8. Boston & Maine Railroad, 10. Botanic Gardens, Cambridge, 75. Boles, John, 41. Bowman, Francis, 38. Bowman, Hon. Selwyn Z., 42. Bowman, Zadoc, 42. Bradish, Hannah, 65. Bradshaw, John, 16. Bradshaw, Jonathan, 68. Bradstreet, Samuel, 43. Brattle Street, Cambridge, 51, 52. Brattle, William, 55. Bredge, Mathew, Sr., 83. Breed's Hill, Charlestown, 47. Brigade Band of Boston, 2. Brigham, Berwick on Tweed, 50. Brigham, Children of Thomas and Mercy, 56. Brigham, Mercy, 53. Brigham, Norfolk Co., Eng., 50. Brigham, Peter B., 56. Brigham, Peter T., Esq., 53. Brigham, Thomas, The Puritan, 49. Brigham, Town of, Duffield, Eng., 49. Brigham, William E., 49. Brigham, W. I.
en men, consisting of Captain Tufts, Capt. Ebenezer Brooks, Lieut. Stephen Hall, Engn Stephen Francis, Mr. Jno. Willis, Dea. Whitmore, and Mr. Jona. Tufts, was chosen to treat with some person to keep said school. Nothing came from the above action, perhaps owing to the size of the committee. At another meeting, held on November 30, the same year, the town voted to have a school kept in the house of Thomas Willis, the ensuing winter, and a committee of three men, consisting of Engn Jno. Bradshaw, Capt. Ebenezer Brooks, and Mr. John Willis, was chosen to agree with some suitable person to keep a writing and reading school in town three or four months the ensuing winter, and to make return of their doings to the town at the next town meeting. We note in the action at this meeting that the people have diminished the size of their committee, have enlarged the curriculum of their school to include reading, have settled on a place where the school shall be kept, and instructed their
rell's salary for one half year. At said meeting, put to vote whether that the inhabitants of the Town of Medford that contribute on the Sabbath days, they marking their money, shall have the same allowed or discounted to them out of their rate to Mr. Turell, by those persons the town shall appoint for that service. Voted in the affirmative. At a Town Meeting . . . April the 20th 1725 . . . put to vote, Whether the town will make choice of a spot of land now in the possession of Jonathan Bradshaw near his dwelling house in Medford, either on the south side or the north side of the country road, or a piece of land belonging to John Bradshaw Jr. on the south side of said road to build a new meeting house on. Voted in the affirmative. At a Town Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Medford, legally assembled May the 18th 1725 . . . Voted that they would not send a Representative [to General Court] for this present year. At said meeting put to vote whether the town will r
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 15., Colonial houses—old and new. (search)
on of the house, being the frame covered with boards named in the deed of Jonathan Bradshaw. Features of its construction indicate this, and also that the lean — he following from Middlesex Registry of Deeds:— Mar. 18, 1768. Jonathan Bradshaw Jr. to Jonathan Patten, a small piece of land with a frame covered with boards, bounded west on Deacon Jonathan Bradshaw and measures thirty feet westerly from said building: east on Woburn road: south on the road to Menotomy: north on the to Jonathan Brooks a lot of land with house and barn, bounded west on Deacon Jonathan Bradshaw, deceased and measuring thirty feet from where Jonathan Bradshaw's fraJonathan Bradshaw's frame stood. By the above we may picture something of the locality in the latest colonial days, and backward for some years. The home of the pious deacon at the he filled in with bricks for warmth. Then Jonathan Patten, who married Jonathan Bradshaw, Jr.'s, sister Susannah in 1762, purchased the little gambrel roof frame cov