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nd was commissioned a brigadier-general during the war of 1812. During his infancy his grandfather Blackwelder, and his father Paulus Barringer, a captain in the colonial militia and a conspicuous member of the committee of safety, were taken prisoners by the tories and carried to Cheraw, S. C. Paul Barringer married Elizabeth, daughter of Jean Armstrong and Matthew Brandon, who was with Joseph Graham and Colonel Locke in the repulse of the British near Charlotte, and also served with Col. John Brandon at Ramseur's mill. Gen. Rufus Barringer, son of the above, was born in 1821, and was graduated at North Carolina university in 1842. He studied law with his brother Moreau, then with Chief-Justice Pearson, settling in Concord. A Whig in politics, in 1848 he served in the lower house of the State legislature, and here was in advance of his time in advocating a progressive system of internal improvements. The following session he was elected to the State senate. He then devoted himse
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
gorie, J. L. Gregorie, Private McL. Hilton, Samuel Boggs, J. V. Lewis, G. K. Maxwell, A. M. Porcher, John Robinson, J. D. Smith, E. H. Shanklin, H. Watson, E. Morgan, J. W. Green, T. R. Simpson, W. Y. Miller, P. B. Bacot, J. J. Lewis, J. T. Sloan, E. P West, H. A. McCoy. Co. C. Sergt. J. M. Porter, H. C. Kenner, Corporal G. Keasler, Private J. Z. Abrams, J. L. Atkinson, Private D. J. Lee, James McKown, H. Mitchell, F. Millwood, E. L. Minter, Private John Brandon, G. Chandler, J. E. Cotters, J. J. Camp, G. W. Fowler, W. G. Fowler, Thomas Fowler, John Fowler, N. Fant, T. H. Gault, J. Gregorie, W. G. W. Going, W. R. Hughes, T. J. Eison, William Long, Private J. S. Miller, S. L. McCarther, J. C. Nance, H. S. Porter, J. W. Palmer, W. S. Plaxico, D. Robinson, T. L. Rodgers, Thomas Stern, W. H. Sanders, William Savage, R. F. Tinsley, W. J. Vaughn, W. J. Ward. Co. D. Captain J. D. Calwell, Sergeant J. M. M
The Daily Dispatch: January 5, 1863., [Electronic resource], Subscriptions for the Fredericksburg sufferers — life in Camp. (search)
rties were put in Castle Thunder yesterday: Samuel Levy, co. K, 15th Le, desertion; J. H. Mudder, co S. 2d N. C., desertion; Wm Riley, Jos Wassen, Chas Price, John Ualt, Louisiana Zouaves, sent in by Col Coppens; S. B. Quaries, co. I, 5th Va cavalry; Geo W Todd, co C. 2d La, for being absent without leave; H. D. Saunders, co. K, 10th La, desertion. Castle Thunder is now quite full, but the pressure is daily relieved by sending off to the army large numbers of straggling soldiers, who find a lodgment there under the general head of deserters. Thos Glenn, Courtney's Artillery, desertion; Lieut John Brandon, Privates Lewis Steele and Joseph Stephens, arrested and sent in by city police for drunkenness and disorderly conduct; Joseph King, co C. 14th La, desolation; Wilson Coots and Jas. F. Briltain, sometimes since arrested and paroled by Gen. Winder, work handed over to the city authorities for trial. Sixty men were sent off to their regiments, near Fredericksburg, on Sunday morning.
Montgomery and George Jones, Rodger's cavalry, desertion; Jas O'Hara and Pat Murphy, do, absent without leave; Jas Hogan, deserter from Battery No. 2; Aaron Black, 14th La. deserter; James Dobblas, co E, and H McDonald, co I, 41st Va. reg't, deserters; Geo W Burke, deaf and dumb, and of bad character; Robert Holland and Samuel Waters, sent by Gen Pryor; Jas Ryan, deserter from ship Richmond, sent by Capt Pegram to be fed on bread and water; E Holmes and Jno H Fisher, co C, 2d N C, desertion. E L Pierson was liberated and sent to his regiment yesterday; also, John Beles, Wm. J. Ray, and Jno Allen. Two soldiers who were taken with the small-pox yesterday, were sent to the Boward Grove Hospital Henry Jordan was sent to his regiment Thos Glenn was discharged by order of Major Griswold. Lieut John Brandon, put in for intoxication, was delivered to Col McRas by order of Gen Winder. The Yankees who are to be sent away to-day embrace all those in Castle Thunder and the building opposite.