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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 3., Chapter 8: Civil affairs in 1863.--military operations between the Mountains and the Mississippi River. (search)
oomall, S. E. Ancona, Thaddeus Stevens, Myer Strouse, Philip Johnson, Charles Denison, H. W. Tracy, William H. Miller, Joseph Bailey, A. H. Coffroth, Archibald McAllister, James T. Hale, Glenni W. Scofield, Amos Myers, John L. Dawson, J. K. Moorhead, Thomas Williams, Jesse Lazear. Rhode Island.--Thomas A. Jenckes, Nathan F. Dixon. Vermont.--Frederick E. Woodbridge, Justin S. Morrill, Portus Baxter. Virginia.--Joseph Segar, L. H. Chandler, B. M. Kitchen. West Virginia.--Jacob B. Blair, William G. Brown, Killian V. Whaley. Wisconsin.--James S. Brown, Ithamar C. Sloan, Amasa Cobb, Charles A. Eldridge, Ezra Wheeler, Walter D. McIndoe. Schuyler Colfax, Speaker of the House of Representatives. delegates from Territories. New Mexico.--Francisco Perea. Utah.--John F. Kinney. Washington.--George E. Cole. Nebraska.--S. G. Daily. Colorado.--Hiram P. Bennett. Nevada.--Gordon N. Mott. Dakota.--Contested seat. Idaho.--W. H. Wallace. Arizona.--No Delegate. were very encouraging. With the
ssed under the Previous Question: Yeas 92; Nays 39. [Messrs. G. H. Browne, of R. I., English, of Conn., Haight and Odell, of N. Y., Sheffield, of R. I., and B. F. Thomas, of Mass., voted Yea with the Republicans; while Messrs. J. B. Blair and Wm. G. Brown, of Va., James S. Rollins, of Mo., and Francis Thomas, of Md., voted Nay with the Democrats and Kentuckians.] The bill, thus passed on the 11th, was signed by the President on the 16th of April, 1862. Some of the anomalies of the slaveholdi Mass.--to meet whose objections the original bill had been modified): Nays, 50: composed of all the Democrats and Border-State Unionists who voted, including Messrs. Calvert, Crisfield, Leary, Francis Thomas, and Webster, of Md., J. B. Blair, Wm. G. Brown, and Segar, of Va., Casey, Crittenden, Dunlap, Grider, Harding, Mallory, Menzies, Wadsworth, and Wickliffe, of Ky., Clements and Maynard, of Tenn., Hall, Noell, and J. S. Phelps, of Mo.--22 of the 50 from Border Slave States. The bill havin
National DemocratichiTicket for 1860.for president,Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois.for president,Herschel V.Johnson, of Georgia. Electors. 1st. Dist.--Gorge Blow, of Norfolk City. 2d. Dist.--Henry L. Hopkins, of Petersburg. 3d. Dist.--Jonathan B. Stovall, of Halifax. 4th. Dist.--James Garland, of Lynchburg. 5th. Dist.--Ben. F. Randolph, of Albemarle. 6th. Dist.--James H. Cox, of Chesterfield. 7th. Dist.--J B. Allworth, of Accomac. 8th. Dist.--G. H. C. Rowe, of Spotsylvania. 9th. Dist.--George W. Brent, of Alexandria. 10th. Dist.--Israel Robinson, of Berkeley. 11th. Dist.--J. N. Liggett, of Rockingham. 12th. Dist.--D. H. Hodge, of Montgomery. 13th. Dist.--George W. Hopkins, of Washington. 14th. Dist.--C. J. Stuart, of Doddridge. 15th. Dist.--Wm. G. Brown, of Preston. Election on Tuesday, 6th November. no 2--2t
Wright1,929 Jonathan B. Stovall16,097R. H. Gray1,929 James Garland16,250Thos. Todd1,929 Benj. F. Randolph16, 186Joseph Applegate1,929 James H. Cox16,250Thos. J. Hewitt1,929 J. B. Ailworth16,250Joseph Bell1,929 G. H. C. Rows14,016John McLure1,929 Geo. W. Brent16,251Levi Pittman1,929 Israel Robinson16,241Wm. E Stephenson1,929 J. N. Liggett16,232D. W. Roberts1,929 D. H. Hodge16,103J. L. Freeman1,99 Geo. W. Hopkins16,224Jacob Hornbrook1,929 C. I. Stuart16,261S. M. Peterson1,908 Wm. G. Brown16,235G. D. Hall1,929 Scattering vote for Douglas Electors Geo. W. Blow28J. H. C. Rowe130 H. D. Hopkins27G. A. C. Rowe6 H. M. Hopkins16Isbel Robinson10 Jonathan L. Stovall.153J. M. Liggitt20 B. H. Randolph64J. H. Houge178 C. H. C. Rowe1945J. W. Hopkins27 C. H. B. Rowe153Wm. C. Brown16 Scattering Lincoln vote. S. M. Preston21 With the returns made to the Governor may also be found the following ticket, voted by a resident of Pittsylvania county: Richard
The Traitors at Wheeling. Alexandria, May 13--The Tory Convention of Northwestern Virginia met at Wheeling to-day, for the purpose of concerting measures for a division of the State. It is rumored that over thirty counties were represented. The proceedings have not transpired. [Whatever may come from Wheeling by telegraph will have a Black Republican coloring. If thirty counties were represented there, it was (outside of Wheeling and the Pan Handle) by a few disorganizers. Carlile is the leading spirit in this movement. It will doubtless turn out that neither Weitman T. Willey, nor Wm. G. Brown, nor any other man of prominence, took part in the proceedings. The Pan Handle is making a tremendous splutter, but the country will not respond.]
The Daily Dispatch: June 17, 1861., [Electronic resource], The vote on the Ordinance of Secession. (search)
, Lewis Harvie, Robert H. Whitfield, James P. Holcombe, Samuel C. Williams, John Hughes, Henry A. Wise, p H n Samuel Woods, Lewis D. Isbell, Benj. F. Wysor — ss. Those who voted in the negative are-- John Janney, Pres't J. G. Holladay, Edward M. Armstrong, Chester Huchard, John B. Baldwin, George W. Hull, George Baylor, John J. Jackson, George W. Berlin, John F. Lewis, Caleb B g s William McComas, George W. Brent, James C. McGrew, William G. Brown, James Marshall, John S. Burdett, Henry H. Masters, James Bu ley, Famuel McD. Moore, Benj. W. Byrae, Hugh M. Nelson, John S. Carlile, Logan Osborn, John A. Carter, Spicer Patrick, Sherrard Chamans, Edmand Pendleton, C. B. Conrad, George er R. Y. Conrad, Samuel Price, James H. Cou h, David Pugh, W. H. B. Cus John D. Sharp, Marshall M. Dent, Thomas Sittington, William H. Dalany, Barwell S lock, J Earley, Alex. H. H. Stuart, Colbert
field that occupied Bethel a week before the battle was in the heated the engagement, and received the thanks of Col. Magruder himself for its mootness — I refer to the Virginia battalion, under command of our gallant Major E. B. Montague, consisting of the Halifax Light Infantry under Capt. John Grammer; Chatham Grays, Capt Werth, and a part of the Old Dominion R tl s. Capt. Dickerson. Tuesday evening, June 5th. Capt. Werth was ordered to Bethel Church with his company, and one Howitzer, Capt. Brown commanding, and on the morning of the 6th, Major Montague followed with Capt. Grammer's company, a part of Capt. Dickerson's company, one Hawitzer; Nottoway Cavalry, Capt. Jones; Charles City Cavalry, Capt. Donthat On the evening of the 7th our commander, Major Montague having heard that the enemy were landing on Pocosin River, at the distance of some eight miles from Bethel, immediately ordered his battalion to that post, where it remained until Col. Magruder visited us on the 8th, and o
Correction. --In the "Church Directory." published on Saturday last, the name of "Rev. Wm. G. Brown" was inserted as the pastor of Clay Street (M. E.) Church. The Rev. T. A. Ware is the minister at that place of worship.
rmined to take up a resolution providing that Wm. G. Brown, and there now supposed to be in arms against the Co the object of which was to take out the name of Wm. G. Brown, and insulted as follows — ayes 58, noes 17. of his vote. Mr. Baldwin came to the rescue of Wm. G. Brown, and thought we should not denounce him until thd not think there was sufficient evidence to expel Mr. Brown. Mr. Macfarland followed in the same strain, and "al times that we should not thus summarily condemn Mr. Brown. Mr. Hall, of Wetzel county, replied to Mr. Macfarst what I did. You and your friends always went with Brown while he was here, and now when he is proved to be ah to vindicate him." Mr. A. M. Barbour vindicated Mr. Brown on reasons of personal friendship Mr. Timothy Rives spoke also in reference of Mr. Brown. Mr. R. E. Scott followed in a speech in which he maintained that there is not sufficient evidence to criminate Mr. Brown. At 9 o'clock a call of the House was ordered, and excus
r. ee of Rockbridge, which was withdrawn d a motion made to refer to the Military Committee. On this motion the ayes and noes were called, resulting ayes 25, noes 57. The house then agreed to fill the blank with free. Moved to amend so that the Governor's Aids shall have the title of Lieutenant Colonel of Cavalry, but with the pay of Captain. Ayes 48, noes 30. The ordinance was then passed as amended. A resolution was then called up providing for the expulsion from the House of W. G. Brown, as noticed in yesterday's report.--Ayes 73, noes 11. Mr. Brown was then officially expelled this House. [We will here remark, that Mr. Southall, the temporary Chairman, displayed great skill, firmness and impartiality in deciding the numerous questions sprung upon him.] The question then recurred on the resolution to expel some other eleven members whose recent position in the Wheeling Convention was a matter of newspaper notoriety. Mr. Baldwin, of Augusta, was a little tender foo
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