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n Johnson, Judge and Mrs. Cabell, Mr. and Mrs. John Wickham, surrounded by their children, who were the companions of my youth; also, their lovely grand-daughter, Mrs. W. H F. Lee, who passed away last winter, at an early age, while her husband was prisoner of war. Near them is the grave of the Hon. Benjamin Watkins Leigh; of Judge and Mrs. Stanard, and of their gifted son; of dear Mrs. Henningham Lyons and her son James, from whose untimely end she never recovered; of our sweet friend, Mrs. Lucy Green. Then there is the handsome monument of Mrs. Abraham Warwick and the grave of her son, dear Clarence, who died so nobly at Gaines's Mill in 1862. His grave seems to be always covered with fresh flowers, a beautiful offering to one whose young life was so freely given to his country. Again I stood beside the tombs of two friends, whom I dearly loved, Mrs. Virginia Heth and Mrs. Mary Ann Barney, the lovely daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gwathney, whose graves are also there. Then th
, 962. Ebenezer, of Medford, m. Abigail Cook, 23 Apr. 1760—Brooks's Medford, 552; Wyman's Chas., 960. Eben-Ezer, an adult, a. 18 yrs., bap. in private at Capt. Daniel Reed's, 22 June, 1805. Jonathan, of Medford, bro. of Ebenezer, who m. Cook, m. Elizabeth Holden of Chas. this Pct. 24 Jan. 1764—Wyman's Chas., 960; Brooks's Medford, 552. Seth of Medford, s. of Isaac and Martha (par. 2),m. Lydia Hutchinson of Chas. 19 Nov. 1801—see Wyman, 960. Isaac, s. of Timothy and Anna (par. 2), m. Lucy Green, 12 Mar. 1807, Camb.—Wyman, 970. Bernard and Lucinda Tufts of Chas. m. 14 Nov. 1822—see Wyman, 966. Joseph, Esq. [H. U. 1807], bro. of Bernard preceding, m. Helen Whittemore, 27 June, 1827—see Wyman's Chas., 967. Abigail C., of W. Camb., m. William A. Whittemore of Chas., 8 Jan. 1838, grand-dau. (?) of Ebenezer and Abigail C. above, and dau. of Ephraim. Her bro. Ebenezer, b. 26 Apr. 1814, d. 4 May, 1876, a. 62 (g. s. new cemetery); her bro. Ephraim is a well-known citizen here; a b