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74, 76. Hawkins, Christopher, 14, 33, 53. Hawkins, Guy C., 14, 15, 33, 53, 55. Hawkins, Nathaniel, 53. Hawkins, N. Carleton, 15, 41. Haven, George D., 9. Hayes, John S., 74, 75, 76. Haymarket, Va., 43. Hazeltine, Amos, 14. Hicks,——--. 73. Highfield, The, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, 49, 52. Highfield-mead, The. 25, 26. Highland Avenue. 32. Hill Building, 36. Hill, Charles, 9. Hill, Harriet. 9. Hill, Ivers, 11. Hill, James, 55. Hill, James F., 9. Hill, James, Jr., 9. Hill, Richard, 9. Hills' Rebel Corps, 60. Historical Festival, 77. Historic Leaves, 77. Historic Sites, Committee on, 77. Hitchings, Mrs., Augustus, 9. Hodges, John, 30. Holmes. William B., 73. Home for the Aged, 32. Homer, Annie. 6. Homer. George W., 6. Homer, Jacob. 6. Homer. Mrs. Mary B., 6, 10. Homer Square, 33. Hopkins, James R., 74. Hopkinton, Mass., 2. Horton, John E., 56. Houghton, Amory, 5. Houghton, Francis, 5. Hourglass. 5. Howe. Henry, 22. Huchins,
.—34, 35, 36; II.—38; III.—24, 25. Harrington, John, IV.—24. Harvard Square Cemetery, I.—22. Hawkins Block, IV.—30. Hawkins Family, The, II.—25. Hawkins House, II.—23. Haxall's Landing-, II.—38. Heald, Mrs. Helen E. M., II.—25. Heath, General, II.—29. Henderson, Mrs., Franklin, II.—24. Hessian Prisoners, II.—29. Hicks, John, II.—28. Highland Avenue, Somerville, I. Hill House, III.—16. Hill, Major General A. P., III.—24. Hill, James, IV.—29. Hill, Richard, IV.—29. Holden, George W., I.—31, 32. Holden, Simon, house of, I.—32. Holt, Chauncey. II.—16, 19. Hopkins Classical School, II.—28. Home, Susan, I.—7. Houston, Major D. C., IV.—30. Hoyt, Frank, I.—11. Independent Fusileers, Boston, I. James River. I.—39; II.—38. Jaques Family, origin of, IV.—13. Jaques, George, IV.—10, 15. Jaques, George M., IV.—15, 20. Jaques, Harriett, IV.—18. Jaques, Henr
Fire Alarms. --The alarm of fire on Tuesday night last, about 1 o'clock, was caused by the appearance of a large light in a northwesterly direction of the city, apparently several miles from the corporation limits. The night being a dark one, it is supposed that the reflection of some camp-fires must have been the origin of the alarm. About 11 o'clock yesterday morning the firemen again turned out in response to the cry of fire from the Third Ward. In this case, the occasion of the alarm was the burning of the cupola to the old framed building situated on the corner of Fifth and Franklin streets, occupied by Mrs. Richard Hill. The fire originated from the burning of a chimney, and was extinguished with a few buckets of water, without much damage being done.