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s follows: candidates.Jefferson Ward.Madison Ward.Monroe Ward.Total. Mayor: Joseph Mayo6168636522132 Charles S. Mills.310252324886 Scattering44 Commonwealth's Attorney: R. T. Daniel5947586702022 James R. Crenshaw327355309991 Assessor: D. M Miller (no opposition.) City Sergeant: Thomas. U. Dudley92110819722974 Sup't Water Works: James L. Davis94110739702984 Sup't Gas Works: J. J. Fry5937496021944 Thomas R. Sharp259198174 Thomas S. Alvis38140194 City Collector: J. A. Hobson Supt. Streets: M. Bates8309359102675 C. A. Brookmeyer7811549242 John B. Yarrington4127 S. Jones Jr High Constable: Geo. A. Freeman6518056712127 John H. Digges216206199621 Fred. Butler364344123 S. W. Henry11181645 Thos. Barham121830 City Gauger: Richard Fox9159948422751 Jos. P. Wren116999179 S. Jones Jr123 Grain Measurer: H. Davis4237776861886 Thos. F. Butler309206188803 Manager Poor House: John Pearce5387066031647 Richard Reins3384813451161 Leander Woodson1616 Certa
t for the committee to say who was or who was not elected, or whether he was competent or eligible to serve. If they undertook to do so, he was to be understood as entering his protest against the proceeding. Mr. Glazebrook, from the committee, then reported the following persons as elected to fill during the present year the respective offices named, viz: Mayor, Jos. Mayo; Commonwealth's Attorney, R. T. Daniel; City Sergeant, Thos. U. Dudley; Assessor, D. M. Miller; City Collector, J. A. Hobson; Supt. Water Works, Jas. L. Davis; Supt.GasWorks, J. J. Fry; Superintendent Streets, M. Bates; High Constable, Geo. A. Freeman; City Gauger, Richard Fox; Grain Measurer, H. Davis; Manager Poor-House, John Pearce; Captain Night Watch, A. Wilkinson. Also, the following persons as members respectively of the Council and Court: Jefferson Ward — Council: N. R. Hill, R. O. Haskins, John H. Greanor, Jas. M. Talbott, Allen Y. Stokes. Aldermen: C. B. Hill, Richard D. Sanxay, Geo. E. Sad
5; mitchell & Tyler, 10; Wm Greanor, 5; J. A. Clarkson & Co., 5; J. W. Wright, 5; Jas. A. Scott, 5; Belvidere Manufacturing Co., W. R. Whitfield, 10; S. S. Cottell, 10; C. R. D., 1; Miss N. Cassell, 5; And. Johnston, 5; Thos. R. Price, 5; John C. Page, 5; P. K. W., 1; Williams & Elliott, 5; Mrs E. A. Jones, 5; Johnson & Bransford, 5; West & Johnson, 5; G. & A. Bargamin, Jr., 5; Ragland & Bro, 5; T. H. Wynne, 5; L. W. Glazebrook, 5; Meade & Baker, 10; J. D. Hammersly, 5; J. H. Williams, 5; J. A. Hobson, 5; Ellett & Weisiger, 5; N. T. Pate, 5; Chambers & Donnelly, 5; R. L. Owen, 5; W. B. Myers, 5; Cash, 2.50; Cash, (L. D. C.,) 50.; Cash, 2; Cash, 1; J. H. E., 5; John S. Barbour, 10; Geo Tany, N. C., 25; from Examiner office, 65; Cash, 1; Cash, 2; Cash, 1.50; Cash, 2; Cash, 2; W. H. McFarland, 25; Cash, 1; R. L. Apperson, 10; R. A. Lancaster, 10; Thomas Branch, Petersburg, 40; Jas. M. Taylor & Son, 10; Marcus Harris, 5; Cash, 3; Kent, Paine & Co., 25; D. J. Saunders, 5; A. Pleasants, 3; G
The Daily Dispatch: April 2, 1863., [Electronic resource], Reported Confederate triumph in North Carolina. (search)
etness, and an entire absence of the usual bustle, parade and interest that ordinarily marks an occasion of the kind Between five and six hundred votes were polled, and the former incumbents of the different offices were nearly in every case elected where they did not positively decline a re-election. The following officers were elected: Mayor — Joseph Mayo. City Sergeant — Thomas U. Dudley. High Constable — George A Freeman. City Assessor — D. M. Miller. City Collector — J. A. Hobson. City Guager — Richard Fox. Grain Measurer — Henry Davis. Superintendent of Gas Works--John J. Fry. Superintendent Water Works--J. L. Davis. Superintendent Poor House--John Pearce. Captain Night Watch--Jas B. Pleasants. Jefferson Ward — Aldermen: Richard D. Sanxay, Wm. Taylor, Abel F. Ploot, James A Icles, and John Hampden Pleasants. Common Council: Mcthaniel B. Hill, Richard O. Haskins, Edward A. J. Clopton, W.Deit Richardson, and Allen Y. Stokes. Madis
The Daily Dispatch: April 7, 1864., [Electronic resource], Richmond and Danville R R, Sup's office, Richmond, April 5, 1864. (search)
City election. --The election for city officers, held yesterday, passed off quietly.--The following is the result of the election in the three wards: Jefferson WardMadison WardMonroe WardTotal Mayor: Jos Mayo.6255105071,542 M. M. Lipscomb.956377 Sergeant: Thos U. Dudley5455196161,680 High Constable: G. A. Freeman5405165971,655 City. Assessor: D. M. Miller5435226111,676 City Collector: J. A. Hobson.5405236121,675 Sup't Gas. Works: J. J. Fry5375196171,673 Sup't Water Works: J. L. Davis5455236191,687 Sup't Alms House: John Pearce5444772091,197 J. F. Glazebrook3426203363 Captain Night Watch: Jas B. Pleasants5455256121,682 City Gauger: Richard Fox5435196101,672 Grain Measurer: Henry Davis5445236101,677 The first five in each of the following lists are the names of the candidates elected. The asterisks indicate the new members: Jefferson Ward. Councilmen — W. Holt Richardson 404; R. O. Haskins 388; A. Y. Stokes 355; E. A. J. Clopton 279; N. B. Hill