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oore, Died since muster out.. A. Johnson, Wm. F. Ward, Henry R. Jenkins, Martin Barry, Discharged for disability. Jno. Kelly, Chas. G. Milliken, Killed or died in hospital. Benj. Brooks, Robt. G. Small, Robt. Macdonald, Taken prisoner. en, Jas. Hudson, Wm. J. Huntington, Chas. Irish, Millard F. Isaacs, Wm. H. Killed or died in hospital. Kelly, Michael. Kelly, Patrick. Kelly, William. King, Z. Laughlin. Lemay, Peter. Longfellow, Ernest. CommiKelly, Patrick. Kelly, William. King, Z. Laughlin. Lemay, Peter. Longfellow, Ernest. Commissioned, later. Libby, Geo. Maine, Jno. W. Maine, Joseph. Martineau. Millett, Geo. L. Miller. Mitchell, Lawrence. Moore, Ira. Murphy, David S. Murphy, Jno. Neville, Thos. Killed or died in hospital. Parlowe, Kelly, William. King, Z. Laughlin. Lemay, Peter. Longfellow, Ernest. Commissioned, later. Libby, Geo. Maine, Jno. W. Maine, Joseph. Martineau. Millett, Geo. L. Miller. Mitchell, Lawrence. Moore, Ira. Murphy, David S. Murphy, Jno. Neville, Thos. Killed or died in hospital. Parlowe, H., Commissioned, later. Philips, P. Pine, Smith. Prouty, Robt. A. Reagan, Timothy O. Record, Horace. Reddington, H. Richardson, Jno. S. Wounded. Right, Jno. Rock, Louis. Rowley, Jno. M. Sallinger, W. Sch
ed that though there was a show of force upon the heights behind Fredericksburg, and apparently the same condition of things as had obtained for weeks was unchanged, yet Lee had despatched a large force down to Port Royal, eighteen miles below Franklin's Crossing, apprehending a Federal attack in that quarter, a feint having been made at that point. He was not deceived by the apparent inactivity of the Federals around Falmouth. Here now was the bulk of Burnside's army making for Banks's or Kelly's Fords above Fredericksburg. It was a splendid day, and mounted and foot made good time over the firm roads. Auspices were favorable, and rank and file were hopeful of a successful result. The left grand division at night was in a position back from the ford, and as near as it was practicable to have so large a force and permit the speedy and safe crossing of the river. The corps were brought together as compactly as was possible and yet allow the unobstructed march of the brigades.
tle Kanawha Navigation Company: refunding to Matthew Wamsley, Jr., of Randolph county, a certain amount of money erroneously paid by him; refunding to Rev. J. Packard a sum of money erroneously paid by him; Senate bill to enable the Monticello Bank, or the Bank of the Common wealth, to establish an office of discount and deposit at Monascon, in the county of Lancaster; Senate bill to incorporate the Staffordsville Toll-Bridge Company; granting the Commonwealth's right to the real estate of Jno. Kelly, dec'd, to Owen Shee; amending the charter of the Danville Bank and to authorize branches for the same; for the relief of Joshua H. Staats, late Sheriff of Jackson, and his securities; concerning district free schools in the county of Jefferson. Bills Reported.--To suspend the levying of taxes by the State on the Belmont and Wheeling Bridge for three years; to prevent the guarantee of notes, bills of exchange, or other evidences, of by Savings Banks and Insurance Companies; authorizin
rements and munitions manufactured to pursuance of any contracts hereby authorized to be made shall be manufactured under the supervision and inspection of the Colonel of Ordnance; and, provided further, that any contract hereby authorized shall be subject to the ratification or reelection of the General Assembly. The question being on agreeing thereto, was decide in the affirmative. Bills Reported.--By Mr. Haymond, from the Committee on Finance, a bill authorizing the payment to Jno. Kelly the amount of a judgment against the Board of Public Works; by Mr. Bassell, from the Committee on Agriculture and Manufacture, a bill incorporating the Shooting Time-Piece Manufactory of Virginia. Mr. Girson, of Hampshire, submitted the following preamble and resolution: George W. Hopkins, a delegate from the county of Washington, has departed this life, while in attendance upon the sessions of the House of Delegates Be it. Resolved, That the Clerk pay to the personal repres
rrested in the small wooden tenement in Exchange Alley, rear of the Varieties, and consisted of a promiscuous jumble of men and women. The former may be dismissed with the remark that, in looks, at least, they were dubious and uncertain; the women's charms, if they ever had any, had long since faded. These pariahs of society had played out evidently in the more aristocratic haunts of vice. They gave the names of Maggie Mitchell, Alice Hawkins, Maria Gary, Elizabeth Valentine, Wm. Conly, Jno. Kelly, and Wm. Connaway. The latter was also charged with being the abductor of a horse belonging to Mr."Boze, worth $200. The Mayor said the city of Richmond had become the resort of all the vagabonds and outcasts in the Confederacy, and he should use civil and military power to expel them. The parties were committed to jail until Thursday, (to- morrow.) A person calling himself Henry M. Myers, lately in the hands of the police for a petty offence, and who on that occasion exhibited a pa
nd yesterday six Yankee prisoners were received. On yesterday the vigilant officers of the prison detected W. H. H. Welch, a commissioned officer of Co. D, 87th Pa., who had entered his name as a private, in hopes of hastening his exchange. He will, doubtless, be sentenced to confinement during the war, that being the sentence pronounced for a similar cheat last week. At Castle Thunder, N. B. Dickinson, Geo. Needham, John Ruley, Louis Budeauk, Jno. Booth, David Preston, Jas. Millan, Jno. Kelly, and Pat Phelan, were received, charged with attempting to escape to the enemy. The parties were arrested below the city with arms. They claimed that they were out on a "scout" by permission of Gen. Winder. Jas. Sexton, Pat Camick, and five soldiers, escaped from Castle Thunder yesterday morning, about 3 o'clock. In making their escape they seized, disarmed and carried off the sentinel, leaving his musket leaning against the fence. At the lower City Station House the following
two million rounds of musket ammunition were brought back to Natchez with the teams captured, and 268,000, beside artillery ammunition, destroyed. U. S. Grant, Major Gen'l Com'g. Miscellaneous. The Yankee authorities of Baltimore have just made a clean sweep of the employees at Barnum's Hotel, on the charge of disloyalty. Those arrested are Jno. W. McDermott, bookkeeper; Jos. Dorsay, chief clerk; Jos. Young and John W. Mills, assistant bookkeepers; Michael Henry, barkeeper; Jno. Kelly, chief barkeeper, and Wm. Leach, the cigar vender. On Saturday, in Baltimore, Col. Baker's detectives arrested a large number of Col. Fish's detectives upon the charge of receiving bribes from rebel sympathizers. They were placed in the old Capitol at Washington. Gen. Sickles, accompanied by several members of his staff, left Washington on Wednesday last in a special car for New York city. He was thought sufficiently vigorous to bear the fatigues of the journey. The Vicksb