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6, who d. March 17, 1816; and had--  144-211Cornelius, b. Aug. 12, 1786.  212Rhoda, b. Aug. 27, 1788.  213Ruth, b. Dec. 11, 1790.  214Tryphena, b. Feb. 6, 1793.  215Pamela Wyman, b. Mar. 23, 1796.  216Lucy, b. Aug. 28, 1799. 104-145GILBERT Tufts m. Mary Chickering, and had--  145-217Abby, m. Fred. Williams.  218Gilbert, m. Charlotte Fitz.  219Caroline, b. 1822; m. Dr. J. E. Bartlett, and d. 1851.  220Sarah Scholfield.  221Arthur Webster, m. Anna Hooker. 104-147NATHAN Tufts m. Sarah Miller, and had--  147-222Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1811; m. Andrew B. Kidder.  223Mary Tapley, b. 1813; d. 1833.  224Martha, b. 1815.  225Nathan, b. 1818; m. Mary Jane Fitz.  226Marcellus, b. 1820; d. 1822.  227Hannah Johnson, b. 1822; m. Dr. Chauncey Booth.  228Daniel, b. 1825; d. 1825.  229Francis, b. 1827; grad. H. C., 1849. 110-172Joseph Tufts m. Helen Whittemore, and had--  172-230Joseph Binford, grad. H. C., 1849.  231Helen Emily, m. Theodore Buckman.  232William Wh
be lost. The Hathaway school. The following list of pupils during the summer of 1850 is contributed by Mrs. Susan B. (Noyes) Thompson of Medford. Mr. A. K. Hathaway kept a boarding school at his home on Ashland street, corner of Chestnut street. The school room was in the rear, facing Chestnut street, and is now changed into a dwelling. Miss Annette Hale, Mr. Hathaway's sister-in-law, was his assistant. Mary A. Tay,Medford Mary A. Hathaway,Medford Sarah Hathaway,Medford Sarah Miller,Medford Georgie Pearce,Medford Helen Mills,Medford Ellen Green,Medford William Adams,New York George P. Floyd,Medford Samuel Vaughan,Medford Edward Bacon,Medford Thatcher Magoun,Medford Otis Litchfield,Medford Edward Holman,Medford Mary A. Jackman,Byfield Mary S. Moody,Byfield Frances F. Stimpson,Vermont Emily Angier,Boston Josephine Bates,Boston Josephine Smith,Boston Susie B. Noyes, Falmouth, Me. Herbert Holman,Medford Hermon Mills,Medford Samuel C. Lawrence,Medford
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 18., An old-time Public and private School teacher of Medford, Massachusetts. (search)
ly correct as it was possible to obtain them:— From Medford. Emily Angier. Harry Bradlee. Eliza Bishop. Josephine L. Bates. Joseph D. Cushing. Sarah M. Cushing. Julia Cushing. Nellie Evans. George G. Floyd. Eliza M. Gill. Eleanor H. Green. Samuel S. Green. Edmund F. Hooper. Agnes E. Hathaway. Sarah K. Hathaway. Ned Hastings. Edward Holman. Herbert Holman. Samuel C. Lawrence. Otis F. Litchfield. Horace E. Morse. Herman Mills. Helen E. Mills. Thatcher Magoun, 3d. Sarah Miller. Emily Nason. Helen Porter. Elisha Pierce. Georgianna Pierce. Julia Raymond. Agnes Raymond. The Misses Revalion. Marietta T. Reed. Milton F. Roberts. Frank Stevens. Thomas Silsby. Edward Thorndike. Charles Thorndike. Mary J. Tay. Samuel Vaughn. George Wise. From Malden. Charles G. Fall. Albert W. Moore. From Boston. George Evans. Alfred Evans. Josephine Smith. From Everett. Julian Van Voorhies. Fred. Van Voorhies. From Newbury. Mary A. Jackson. Mar
nd guilty and fined $5 and costs. Robert Burch, breaking and entering the shop of Joseph F. Dabney, and stealing $100 worth of boots and shoes, was sent on for felony. Wm. H. Zimmerman was fined $60 and costs for selling liquor, to be drunk where sold, without a license. John W. Butcher, free negro, charged with stealing two hams from Thomas W. Brockenbrough, was called, and a nolle prosequi entered. The prisoner was then remanded to the Mayor to be punished for petty larceny. Lewis, slave, stealing a cow from Wellington Goddin, was ordered 39 lashes. Albert, slave, stealing $100 worth of crockery ware from Hall Neilson's estate, was ordered 39 lashes. John, slave, stealing a hog from Sarah Miller, was ordered 39 lashes. Henry, slave, for receiving gold coin of Anna, slave to Mr. Jacobs, stolen from her master, was tried and acquitted. The Court spent a large proportion of the session in granting tavern and ordinary licenses, on a large scale.
Rum and riot --Wm. Cummings, Thomas Elder and Jane Cummings were before the Mayor yesterday, on charge of assaulting and beating Sarah Miller, in Broad street. The evidence showed that William Cummings and Augustas Miller, after drinking an overdoes of very bad liquor, got into a scuffle, but were separated. Cummings being put in the street and Miller to bed. In the afternoon Cummings, with a few chums, went near Miller's and used threatening language, hearing which, Miller rallied out and soon brought about a fight. Mrs. Miller followed her husband to keep him from harm, and during the affray was thrown into the gutter. Mrs. Cummings followed her son to save him, but took no part in the fight. As she proved to be a very kind hearted, amiable lady, the charge against her was dismissed, but Cummings, Elder and Miller were held to bail to answer an indictment for riot before the next Hustings Court Grand Jury, which meets in August.