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nd hiding its summit entirely. Heaven gave us a specimen of its artillery firing, and a heavy shower fell, drenching us all completely. As I write, the sound of a cannon comes booming over the mountain. There it goes again! Whether it is at Phillippi or Laurel Hill, I can not tell. Certain it is that the portion of our army advancing up the Valley river is in battle, somewhere, and not many miles away. We do not know the strength of our opponents, nor the character and extent of their and three wounded. The other seven fled. Colonel Kimball sent out a detachment to bring in the wounded; but whether it succeeded or not I have not heard. A musician belonging to the Fourth Ohio, when six miles out of Beverly, on his way to Phillippi, was fired upon and instantly killed. So goes what little there is of war in Western Virginia. July, 20 The most interesting of all days in the mountains is one on which the sky is filled with floating clouds, not hiding it entirely, but
up on the boat, one of the soldiers placed the muzzle of his musket under his chin for a rest for his head, when the weapon accidentally discharged. The ball passed out through the top of his head, killing him instantly, and then passed through the hurricane deck in close proximity to two soldiers who were there. The detachment consisted of 250 men of the N. Y. 13th Regiment, under Col. Abel Smith.--Baltimore Sun, June 11. General T. A. Morris, commanding the United States troops at Phillippi, issued a proclamation announcing that Western Virginia is now free from the enemies to her peace, the United States forces having routed the secessionists at Philippi, causing them to flee for refuge to the passes of the mountains; and he therefore calls upon all loyal Virginians to come to the support of the United States Government, and serve in defence of their own soil.--(Doc. 241.) The New Orleans Catholic Standard says: Let no Southern child be educated outside the limits of th
ne 23 7 Chickamauga, Ga. 23 Kenesaw, Ga., June 27 3 Missionary Ridge, Tenn. 6 Peach Tree Creek, Ga. 2 Buzzard Roost, Ga. 2 Atlanta, Ga., July 22 2 Resaca, Ga. 4 Lovejoy's Station, Ga. 2 Pickett's Mills, Ga. 39 Siege of Atlanta, Ga. 2 Pine Mountain, Ga. 3 Nashville, Tenn. 7 Present, also, at Siege of Corinth; Cassville, Ga.; Franklin, Tenn. notes.--Organized in May, 1861, as a three months regiment, serving in West Virginia, where it participated in the actions of Phillippi, and Carrick's Ford. Upon the expiration of its three months term, it returned to Columbus, O., where it volunteered for three years, leaving the State on October 4th. Proceeding to Kentucky, it was assigned, soon after, to McCook's Division of Buell's Army, with which it marched to the battlefield of Shiloh, where it lost 7 killed, 66 wounded, and 2 missing. It was present at the Siege of Corinth, and participated in the long marches in the summer and fall of 1862, its next battle occur
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 3. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Defence of Fort Morgan--reports of General R. L. Page. (search)
rs leading, the wooden vessels, lashed together in twos, following; the sloops-of-war and larger craft on the inshore side protecting their consorts, which could convey them in should they be seriously damaged. The first monitor, Tecumseh, single turreted, was sunk under our guns, immediately abreast the fort. She went down rapidly; only a few, who were picked up by a boat from the enemy, and four who swam ashore and are now in our hands, were saved from her crew. The wooden gunboat Phillippi, attempting to pass the fort alone after the fleet, was sunk by the second shot, and being run ashore was deserted by her crew, and afterwards burnt by a boat from the Confederate States gunboat Morgan. One man was found on her, whose legs had been so shattered that he died while the officer was on board. He was thrown overboard. The spirit displayed by this garrison was fine, the guns admirably served, and all did their duty nobly; and though subjected to a fire which for the time wa
(if kept up,) so that no despatch can pass without your knowledge and inspection before it is sent. If troops from Ohio and Pennsylvania shall be attempted to be passed on the railroad, do not hesitate to obstruct their passage by all means in your power, even to the destruction of the road and bridges. Having confidence in your discretion, I am sure you will manage all things wisely and well. Yours truly, John Letcher. Col. Porterfield, Grafton, Va. The following is a letter written by Porterfield, in pursuance of the above instructions, to Col. W. J. Willey, whom the Federal troops now have a prisoner at Phillippi: Grafton, May 25, 1861. Dear Colonel: From information just received, it is essential to the safety of my command that the bridges be destroyed as far west as possible. You will please proceed on the next train, and have it carried into effect without delay. Yours, G. A. Porterfield. To Col. Willey. --Wheeling (Va.) Intelligencer, June 6.
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Illinois Volunteers. (search)
r points in West Virginia guarding line of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, June, 1862, to July, 1865. Action at Ridgville Road, near Petersburg, October 29, 1862. South Fork of the Potomac River November 9, 1862. Expedition to relief of Phillippi and Grafton April 25-27, 1863. Petersburg Gap September 4, 1863. Operations in Hampshire and Hardy Counties, W. Va., December 31, 1863, to January 5, 1864. Folck's Mills August 1, 1864. Attack on Cumberland, Md., August 1. New CrSeptember 3. Action at Moorefield, South Fork of the Potomac, November 9 (Cos. B, D, K ). Relief of Colonel Washburn at Moorefield January 3-4, 1863. Moved to Grafton April 25, 1863. Skirmish at Greenland Gap April 25 (Co. G ). Phillippi April 26. Altamont April 26 (Detachment). Rowlesburg April 28 (Cos. B, F, I ). Fairmont April 29 (Co. K ). Pursuit of Lee July, 1863. Hedgesville and Back Creek July 6. At Petersburg, W. Va., August 16. Petersburg Gap Sep
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Michigan Volunteers. (search)
tain, July 10. Battle of Camp Garnett, Rich Mountain, July 10-11. Battery remounted with six 10-lb. Parrotts by order of the General commanding. At Beverly July 12. Moved to Cheat Mountain Pass July 13, thence to Elkwater August 14 and duty there till October 30. Operations on Cheat Mountain September 11-17. Point Mountain Turnpike and Cheat Mountain Pass September 13. Elkwater September 14. Greenbrier River October 3-4. Moved to Huttonsville October 30, thence to Phillippi December 6. Ordered to Louisville, Ky., December 16; thence to Bacon Creek December 31 and duty there till February, 1862. Advance on Bowling Green, Ky., February 14-15. Occupation of Bowling Green February 15. Advance on Nashville, Tenn., February 22-25. Occupation of Nashville February 25. Engaged in scout and patrol duty in Northern Alabama by detachments and at Edgefield, Tenn., till August. Action at Bridgeport, Ala., April 29. Gunter's Landing May 15 (Detachme
d from Camp Putnam, Marietta to Parkersburg, W. Va., May 29, thence to Clarksburg, Webster and Phillippi May 29-June 3. Action at Phillippi June 3. Other four Companies left Marietta May 30. Phillippi June 3. Other four Companies left Marietta May 30. Moved to Benwood, thence to Grafton and Phillippi, W. Va. West Virginia Campaign July 6-17. Action at Bealington July 7. Laurel Hill July 8. Carrick's Ford July 14. Ordered to Columbus, Phillippi, W. Va. West Virginia Campaign July 6-17. Action at Bealington July 7. Laurel Hill July 8. Carrick's Ford July 14. Ordered to Columbus, Ohio, and mustered out July 27, 1861. Cotter's Independent Battery Light Artillery Organized at Cleveland, Ohio, April 25, 1861. Moved to Camp Chase, Ohio, and mustered in July 1, 1861. M, Ohio, May 22. Left State for West Virginia May 27. Moved to Clarksburg May 29, land to Phillippi June 2. Action at Philippi June 3. West Virginia Campaign June 6-17. Laurel Hill July Occupation of Grafton, W. Va., May 30. West Virginia Campaign June 1-July 17. Action at Phillippi June 3. Bowman's Place June 29. Pursuit of Garnett July 7-12. Ordered to Columbus, Oh
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Pennsylvania Volunteers. (search)
Brigade, 1st Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Shenandoah, Middle Military Division, August, 1864. 1st Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, West Virginia, to April, 1865. 1st Separate Brigade, 22nd Corps, Dept. of Washington, to June, 1865. Dept. of Missouri to August, 1865. Service. Picket and outpost duty in the vicinity of Harper's Ferry, W. Va., till May, 1863. Scout to Leesburg March 15 and April 21-24, 1863. Ordered to Grafton, W. Va., May, 1863, and duty protecting Phillippi, Beverly and Webster till July. Forced march to relief of Beverly July 2-3. Huttonsville July 4. Moved to Webster, thence to Cumberland, Md., and to Williamsport, Md., July 5-14, and join Army of the Potomac. Advance to Martinsburg July 15. Martinsburg and Hedgesville July 18-19. McConnellsburg, Pa., July 30. Averill's Raid from Winchester through Hardy, Pendleton, Highland, Bath, Greenbrier and Pocahontas Counties, W. Va., August 1-31. Newtown August 2. Moorefie
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, West Virginia Volunteers. (search)
13. Bloomen February 15. Advance on Winchester, Va., March 5-12 (Cos. C, E and L ). Phillippi March 20 (4 Cos.). Battle of Winchester March 23. Monterey April 12 (Cos. C, E and L ).on, Clarksburg, Parkersburg and Weston, arriving at Grafton June 17. Moved to New Creek and Phillippi July 1 and to Cumberland, Md., July 7; to Fairview July 12. Averill's Raid through Hardy, P Va., and mustered in May 25. Moved to Mannington June 28, thence to Grafton July 1, and to Phillippi July 4. West Virginia Campaign July 6-17. Laurel Hill July 7. Carrick's Ford July 13. Virginia, to January, 1864. Service. Protecting border counties against guerrillas from Phillippi to Suttonville, W. Va., till September, 1861. Rowell's Run September 6. Moved to Beverlyginia Regiment Infantry. Organized at Camp Pickens, Canaan, Glenville, Clarksville, Sutton, Phillippi and Piedmont March 12 to May 18, 1862. Attached to Cheat Mountain District, Mountain Depart
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