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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 31: operations of Farragut's vessels on the coast of Texas, etc. (search)
n the Flag-officer had he been present in person. Some of the expeditions fitted out by Commodore Morris, and later by Commodore Bell, properly belong to this history, as showing the numerous duties performed by the Navy, and also that, notwithstanding Farragut was not at New Orleans himself to conduct matters, his orders were carried out, and there was the heartiest co-operation between the Army and Navy. On the 28th of March the Diana, Acting-Master Thos. L. Peterson, was sent into Grand Lake on a reconnaissance, with Lieutenant Allen, U. S. A., of General Weitzel's staff, and two companies of infantry on board. She was ordered to proceed down the Atchafalaya River as far as the mouth of the Teche and return by the lake. Disobeying this order, Acting-Master Peterson attempted to return to Berwick Bay by the way of Atchafalaya. After passing the mouth of the Teche lie was attacked from shore by field-pieces and sharp-shooters. The men fought well, and the action lasted two
s, I asked Captain Peterson, who stood beside me, if he was going to make a trip that day? He replied he was only going to ship some coal, and not do picket-duty as usual, and that he would be quiet for two or three days at least. It appears that Capt. Peterson received orders on Saturday morning to take on board two companies of infantry and make a reconnoissance to find whether the enemy had received reenforcements of infantry. He was to go no further than a point where a bayou from Grand Lake unites with the Atchafalaya, west of Pattersonville. But he was not contented with simply fulfilling the letter of his commands; and hence, with a zeal which unfortunately proved fatal to him, he determined to carry his observations into the very midst of the enemy's stronghold. Proceeding cautiously along the bayou until within half a mile of Pattersonville, on the upper side, four of the rebel cavalry suddenly came within range, and galloped along the levee road. A shell was fired
ture Berwick's Bay, and thence proceed to the execution of the plan above indicated. For this purpose, having arrived on the Teche, a short distance above Berwick's Bay, some small boats (skiffs) and a number of sugarcoolers were collected, in which the men were embarked, Major Hunter of the Texas regiment, and Major Blair of the Second Louisiana, were placed in command, and detachments were drawn from the forces. They embarked at night, and paddled down the Teche to the Atchafalaya and Grand Lake. They had about twelve miles to go, and were expected to reach the northeast end of the island, a mile from Berwick's before daylight, where they were to remain until they heard the guns of our force on the west side of the bay. At dawn on June 23d our guns opened on the gunboat and speedily drove it away. Fire was then directed on the earth-works, and the enemy attempted to reply, when a shout was heard in the rear, and Hunter with his party came rushing on. Resistance ceased at once.
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Arkansas, 1863 (search)
to NapoleonvilleARKANSAS--2d Colored Infantry. INDIANA--1st Cavalry (Detachment). IOWA--36th Infantry (Detachment). Union loss, 1 wounded. May 25: Skirmish, Polk's Plantation near HelenaIOWA--3d Cavalry (Cos. "A," "B"). Union loss, 5 wounded, 2 missing. Total, 7. June 4: Skirmish, FayettevilleARKANSAS--1st Cavalry. June 11: Scout to Jacksonport(No Reports.) June 14: Skirmish, Newton CountyARKANSAS--1st Infantry. June 15: Skirmish, FayettevilleARKANSAS--1st Cavalry. June 16: Skirmish, Grand LakeMISSOURI--1st Infantry; Miss. Marine Brigade. June 22: Skirmish, BentonvilleKANSAS--2d Cavalry. June 25: Skirmish, MadisonARKANSAS--1st Cavalry. June 28: Skirmish, Gaines' LandingILLINOIS--5th Cavalry. OHIO--4th Indpt. Battery Light Arty. WISCONSIN--25th Infantry. July: Skirmish near Cross HollowsARKANSAS--1st Cavalry (Detachment). July: Exp. from Greensborough to HelenaIOWA--1st Cavalry (Detachment). July 4: Attack on Helena. (Holmes')ARKANSAS--2d Colored Infantry. INDIANA--1st Caval
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Arkansas, 1864 (search)
CommandNEBRASKA--1st Cavalry. Feb. 13-14: Expedition from Helena up St. Francis RiverARKANSAS--3d Colored Infantry. ILLINOIS--15th Cavalry (Co. "G"). Feb. 14: Skirmish, Scott's Farm, Washita Cove(No Reports). Feb. 14: Skirmish, Ross Landing, Grand LakeMISSISSIPPI--1st Colored Infantry (51st U. S. C. T.). Union loss, 13 killed, 7 wounded. Total, 20. Feb. 15: Skirmish, Saline RiverARKANSAS--4th Cavalry. Feb. 16: Skirmish, Caddo GapKANSAS--2d Cavalry. Feb. 16: Skirmish, Indian BayMISSOURI--8tCONSIN--2d Cavalry. June 6: Skirmish, Bealer's Ferry, on Little Red RiverMISSOURI--8th Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 1 killed, 2 wounded. Total, 3. June 6: Engagement, Old River Lake, or Lake Chicot, also known as Ditch Bayou, Fish Bayou, Grand Lake and Grand VillageILLINOIS--47th, 49th, 58th and 117th Infantry. INDIANA--3d Indpt. Battery Light Arty.; 89th Infantry. IOWA--14th, 27th, 32d and 35th Infantry. MINNESOTA--5th Infantry. NEW YORK--178th Infantry. MISSOURI--1st Battalion Cavalry,
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Missouri Volunteers. (search)
gade Infantry.--1st Battalion. Organized at St. Louis, Mo., January 3 to April 4, 1863. Organized for duty in Western Waters. Attached to District of Northeast Louisiana, Dept. of the Tennessee, October, 1863, to April, 1864. District of Vicksburg to February, 1865. Service. Action at Duck River Island April 26, 1863. Beaver Dam Lake, near Austin, May 24. Near Austin May 28. Expedition from Young's Point, La., to Richmond, La., June 14-16. Richmond June 15. Grand Lake June 16. Expedition from Snyder's Bluff to Greenville June 29-30. Goodrich Landing June 30. Bayou Tensas June 30. Expedition from Goodrich Landing to Griffin's Landing, Catfish Point, Miss., October 24 to November 10. Fayette November 22. Operations about Natchez, Miss., December 1-10. Rodney December 24. Port Gibson December 26. Grand Gulf January 16-17, 1864. Lake Village, Ark., February 10. Expedition to Grand Gulf February 15-March 6. Lima Landing, A
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Wisconsin Volunteers. (search)
ral Railroad November, 1862, to January, 1863. Duty at Germantown, Tenn., January 4 to February 8, 1863. Moved to Memphis, Tenn., February 8; thence to Grand Lake, Ark. Yazoo Pass Expedition and operations against Fort Pemberton and Greenwood March 13-April 5. Moved to Milliken's Bend, La., April 16. Movement on Bruinslle June 6; rejoined Regiment June 23. Companies D and E rejoined Regiment July 20. Expedition to Bayou Long June 30 (Cos. A, G and I ). Expedition to Grand Lake June 25 (Co. F ). Expedition to Grand Lake July 27 (Cos. E, D and K ). Expedition to Grand River September 8 (Cos. B and G ) and again September 13 (CoGrand Lake July 27 (Cos. E, D and K ). Expedition to Grand River September 8 (Cos. B and G ) and again September 13 (Cos. A, C, H and I ). Expedition to Grand River September 26-30. Non-veterans mustered out October 25, 1864. Expedition to Belle River October 22-24. Expedition to Bayou Portage November 17-19. Lake Fausse River November 18. Bayou La Fourche, Ash Bayou, November 18-19. Expedition from Brashear City to Bayou Sor
eans in the early part of December, 1862, and during the months of December, 1862, and January and February, 1863, was stationed at Baton Rouge, La. March 13, 1863.—The regiment made a reconnoissance in the direction of Port Hudson, marching up under the guns of the rebel fortifications, a mile and a half in advance of other regiments, in a manner satisfactory to the brigade and division commanders. Having marched with Grover's division to Brashear City, it landed at Indian Bend, on Grand Lake, on the 13th of April; the advance meeting and driving before it a small force of the enemy. Encamped on Madam Porter's plantation. On the 15th, it started in pursuit of the enemy, marching to New Iberia in two days. From the 26th of April to the 21st of May, the regiment was employed at Barre's Landing in collecting and guarding corn, cotton, sugar, and molasses, guarding negroes, and loading and unloading boats at the landing. On the 19th of May, having been rejoined by the fou
Francis Jackson Garrison, William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879; the story of his life told by his children: volume 1, Chapter 1: Ancestry.—1764-1805. (search)
ds long upon the river, and Hatheway's Hist. New Brunswick, pp. 10, 11. some six miles (five hundred and fifty chains) in depth across the intervale towards Grand Lake. The western boundary of its frontage was just opposite the lower end of Middle Island; the river here being from one-third to half a mile in width. Daniel ionally was higher up the river than his fatherin-law's. Sabine, again, says he was remembered in New Brunswick as a skilful miner, and as the discoverer of the Grand Lake coal Mines, which of late years have been extensively worked. Grand Lake is the lowest part of the broad basin extending from Fredericton to the hills beyond tGrand Lake is the lowest part of the broad basin extending from Fredericton to the hills beyond the Jemseg, which at every spring freshet is covered by the swollen waters of the St. John. It is not unlikely that its shores were curiously visited by Joseph Garrison, and that he was the first to notice its very obvious superficial bituminous coal Johnston's Report on Agr. Capabilities of New Brunswick, p. 41. deposits. But
Capt. Calvin D. Cowles , 23d U. S. Infantry, Major George B. Davis , U. S. Army, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph W. Kirkley, The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, Index. (search)
lle, S. C. 76, 2; 86, 1; 101, 21; 117, 1; 118, 1; 120, 2; 135-A; 144, E11 Granby, Mo. 66, 1; 160, C11 Grand Bayou, La. 156, G9, 156, H12; 158, D13 Grand Coteau, La. 135-A; 156, C4 Grand Ecore, La. 50, 6; 52, 1; 53, 1; 54, 1; 135-A; 155, E1; 158, E14 Grand Glaze, Ark. 135-A Grand Gulf, Miss. 32, 4; 35, 4; 36, 1; 51, 1; 117, 1; 135-A; 155, D7; 171 Confederate fortifications, May, 1863 32, 4 Grand Junction, Tenn. 117, 1; 154, B12 Grand Lake, Ark. 154, H6 Grand Lake, La. 23, 8; 135-A; 156, B6, 135-A; 156, D2, 135-A; 156, D5, 135-A; 156, E10 Grand Lake Region, La.: Survey. 23, 8 Grand Prairie, Ark. 154, B4, 154, C6 Grand River, Indian Territory 47, 1 Grand River, La. 23, 8; 52, 1; 156, C5, 156, D6 Grand River, Mo. 47, 1; 119, 1; 152, A1; 161, A13, 161, F12 Granny White Pike, Tenn. 72, 2; 73, 2; 112, 4 Camp Grant, Dak. Ter. 33, 2 Grantsborough, Tenn. 118, 2 Grant's
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