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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 1., Chapter 16: Secession of Virginia and North Carolina declared.--seizure of Harper's Ferry and Gosport Navy Yard.--the first troops in Washington for its defense. (search)
ney; First Corporal, Ernst A. Sauerbrey; Second. Corporal, Charles C. Russell; Third Corporal, Edward Moran; Fourth Corporal, Frederick W. Conrad. Privates.--J. Addison McCool, Thomas G. Bull,William Becker, John Simpson, Thomas G. Houck, Edward Thomas, Elias B. Trifoos, John Stodd, Lawrence Manayan, B. F. Barlett, Wm. Madara, Emanuel Saylor, Wm. F. Garrett, John P. Womelsdorff, George De Courcey, J. J. Dampman, John Schmidt, C. F. Hoffman, Jacob Bast, Daniel Eberle, Wm. H. Hodgson, Ernst Touch, David Howard, Jeremiah Deitrich, William Weller, Wm. A. Christian, Mark Walker, Ralph Corby, Henry Mehr, F. Goodyear, Wm. Carl, Anthony Lippman, John P. Deiner, Wm. A. Beidleman, Chas. J. Shoemaker, Jas. Donegan, Herman Hauser, Louis Weber, Thomas, H. Parker, John Howell, Henry Yerger, Wm. Davenport, James Landefield, James R. Smith, Michael Foren, Alex. Smith, W. M. Lashorn, Levi Gloss, Samuel Heilner, Enoch Lambert, Frank Wenrich, Joseph Johnston, Henry C. Nies, Jacob Shoey, John Hartman
l Vanasery, coal-heaver, scalded; William New-land, ordinary seaman, flesh-wound; John Preston, landsman, eyes; Charles Matthews, landsman. Wounded slightly — William H. Hunt, Chief-Engineer, scalded; George A. Ebbets, Captain's Clerk, contusion; William P. Treadwell, Paymaster's Clerk, scalded; Peter McKeloye, second-class fireman, scalded; Stephen Dolan, first-class fireman, scalded; John Boyle, coal-heaver, scalded; Moses Jones, coal-heaver, scalded; John Ralton, landsman, scalded; Edward Thomas, ordinary seaman, scalded; James Sheridan, Quartermaster, contusion; John E. Jones, Quartermaster, contusion; Henry Binney, Quartermaster, contusion; Francis Brown, Quarter-Gunner, contusion; Christian Christeinick, landsman; Roger Sharman, landsman; John Johnson, ordinary seaman; David Johnston, Corporal Marines; John Kilroy, private marine. Killed, eight; wounded severely, twelve; wounded slightly, eighteen. Very respectfully, John Y. Taylor, Surgeon. Lieutenant C. L. Huntington,
Historic leaves, volume 7, April, 1908 - January, 1909, Company E, 39th Massachusetts Infantry, in the Civil War.—(Iv.) (search)
ld along with the colonel to the field hospital just back of us. Sergeant Bradshaw, afterwards second lieutenant, and Private Thomas, both of Company H, were leading me. The latter was shot in the wrist while supporting me, and tarrying a moment, in merville in December, 1882. Collett, Herbert, discharged February 8, 1863; died in Philadelphia since 1899. Conner, Thomas, discharged March 12, 1863; died some fifteen years ago. Crosby, Elkanah, enlisted in Company I, Fifth Regiment, May 1 in the 90's. Jones, Charles G., taken prisoner August 19, 1864; died in Salisbury prison November 23, 1864. Kelly, Thomas, discharged October 27, 1863; lives in Medford. Kendrick, David, taken prisoner August 19, 1864; died in hospital at Aharged January 25, 1863; lives at Canton, Mass. Stickney, Hiram C., discharged April 22, 1863; probably not living. Thomas, William H., on special duty as guard for quartermaster's stores, January 12, 1864, to May 27, 1865; mustered out June 2,
rated. Mr. Morton died in 1698. In 1709, Edward Thomas assigned this mortgage to John Indicutt. ing ground. In 1712, his widow, Mary, and Edward Thomas made a deed of the premises to John Frizzehose days), saying that they had received from Thomas and John our full portion and share of the est do consent and agree with them, said John and Thomas, that the real estate of our said father Abrahe paper was all there was to it. Even John and Thomas did nothing further. In these old settlementserly on Thomas Ireland. This easterly land of Thomas's we shall deal with later herein. We shall fe receipt given by the other heirs to John and Thomas authorized them to settle the division of the on Thomas Ireland. That is confirmed by what Thomas did. Sometimes what people do is of more real terprets what is faultily expressed in words. Thomas proceeds to mortgage his land. By deed dated dfather of George W. Ireland. The deed from Thomas to Frizzell in 1712 says that the fifteen-acre
locating upon this plot the homestead in which Thomas died in 1653, the place has borne a distinctioge Rocks, declares that the last habitation of Thomas was in Somerville. Having done this, he easilo far as to offer the baseless conjecture that Thomas was buried in Medford.f The Cambridge Rocksrant of Nicholas Wyeth, which adjoined that of Thomas1 Brigham on the northwest, later passed into py of the son of Squa Sachem, Sagamore John. Thomas1 Brigham died December 8, 1653, leaving this sreached apparently in 703, when on February 26 Thomas2, Samuel2, and John2 Brigham quitclaimed that minors. In 1706 the property was bought by Thomas3 Prentice for £ 68. It was then bounded N. E. tract, paying Henry Prentice, an uncle of the Rev. Thomas, £ 50, 13s. 4d. for nine and one-half acry acres of the Brigham place. In 1817 his son Thomas6, to whom the farm later descended, bought twetchinson, a daughter, Miss Mary A., and a son, Thomas8 M. Hutchinson, the well-known antiquarian, to[8 more...]
Oliver, 43. Tapley, John, 43. Taunton, Mass., 9. Taylor, General, Richard, 52, 54. Taylor, Zachary, 52. Teasdale, George, 67. Teasdale, Mary, 67. Teasdale, William H., 67. Ten Hills Farm, 78. Thirty-ninth Massachusetts, 6, 8, 9, 10. Thomas, Edward, 80. Thomas, Private, 3. Thomas, William H., 19. Thompson, C., 33. Thompson, Frank W., 4, 19. Thorpe, Catharine, 47. Thorpe, Edwin H., 47. Thorpe, Harriet S., 47. Thorpe, Ira, 47. Thorpe, Mr., 74. Torrey, Mary P., 46. Torrey, MelzaThomas, Private, 3. Thomas, William H., 19. Thompson, C., 33. Thompson, Frank W., 4, 19. Thorpe, Catharine, 47. Thorpe, Edwin H., 47. Thorpe, Harriet S., 47. Thorpe, Ira, 47. Thorpe, Mr., 74. Torrey, Mary P., 46. Torrey, Melzar, 83, 84. Towne, Orr N., 74. Training Field Grammar School, 22. Tremlett, Colonel Henry M., 12. Tremlett, Lieutenant-Colonel, 6, 9. Trowbridge, Edmund, 82. Trull, Ezra, 22. True, William, 73. Tufts, Albert, 48, 65. Tufts, Barnard, 83. Tufts, Benjamin 44. Tufts, Bowen Adams, 32. Tufts, Charlotte C., 45. Tufts, Captain, Francis, 33. Tufts, George F., 46. Tufts, Isaac, 28. Tufts, John, 33, 43, 73. Tufts, Joseph, 82, 85. Tufts, Lydia N., 45. Tufts, Martha, 33. Tufts, Samu
e of the Peace, 1714, and assessor, 1718.—See N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., XXXI. 99. [Yeoman, of Woodbridge, in 1711.] Long Island abounds in Rolphs descended from these New Jersey Rolphs. James R. Rolph, Esq., of Huntington, L. I., is descended from a Moses Rolph, born in Woodbridge 20 April, 1718. He was probably a son of Benjamin, above-named.—Memoranda from Woodbridge, N. J., Records, communicated by Hon. Robert S. Hale, Ll.D, of Elizabethtown, N. Y. 1686 William Cutter to Edward Thomas, of Boston, agent for Mr. William Metcalfe, of Newberry in Oxfordshire in Old England, sells, or mortgages, the four acres, with house on same, the allowance for a dam, and one twelfth of a sawmill, which were formerly part of the estate of his father-in-law John Rolfe, in Cambridge; also nineteen acres, east division line Cambridge and Charlestown, north Cambridge common land, south partly by Cambridge common land and partly by land of Robert Wilson, and west by his own; together with