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mber 10th, when Mr. Howell Cobb, thoroughly in the counsels of the secessionists, resigned the control of the Treasury, whereof the bankrupt and hopeless condition supplied him with an excuse, though not the reason, for his retirement. Mr. Philip Francis Thomas, of Md., previously Commissioner of Patents, was appointed in his stead. Gen. Lewis Cass resigned the post of Secretary of State on the 14th, directly after a long and exciting Cabinet session. He did so because he could not consent til February 1st, when they, too, were taken possession of by the State authorities. In St. Louis, the Custom-House, Sub-Treasury, and Post Office were garrisoned by a handful of Federal soldiers as a protection against a similar movement. Mr. Thomas, after a very few days' service, resigned control of the Treasury, and was succeeded by Gen. John A. Dix, of New York. In Florida, Fort Barrancas and the Navy Yard at Pensacola were seized by Florida and Alabama forces on the 13th; Commander
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William H. CrawfordOct. 22, 1816 Richard Rush March 7, 1825 Samuel D. Ingham March 6, 1829 Louis McLane Aug. 2, 1831 William J. Duane May 29, 1833 Roger B. Taney Sept.23, 1833 Levi Woodbury June 27, 1834 Thomas Ewing March 5, 1841 Walter Forward Sept.13, 1841 John C. Spencer March 3, 1843 George M. Bibb June 15, 1844 Robert J. Walker March 6, 1845 William M. Meredith March 8, 1849 Thomas Corwin July 23, 1850 James Guthrie March 7, 1853 Howell Cobb March 6, 1857 Philip F. Thomas Dec. 12, 1860 John A. Dix Jan. 11, 1861 Name.Appointed. Salmon P. Chase March 7, 1861 William Pitt Fessenden July 1, 1864 Hugh McCullochMarch 7, 1865 George S. Boutwell March 11, 1869 William A. Richardson March 17, 1873 Benjamin H. Bristow June 4, 1874 Lot M. Morrill July 7, 1876 John Sherman March 8, 1877 William Windom March 5, 1881 Charles J. Folger Oct. 27, 1881 Walter Q. Gresham Sept.24, 1884 Hugh McCulloch Oct. 28, 1884 Daniel Manning March 6, 1886 Charles
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obert Bowie1811 to 1812 Levin Winder1813 to 1814 Charles Ridgely1815 to 1817 Charles W. Goldsborough1818 to 1819 Samuel Sprigg1820 to 1822 Samuel Stevens, Jr1823 to 1825 Joseph Kent1826 to 1828 Daniel Martin1829 Governors under the Constitution—Continued. Name.Term. Thomas K. Carroll1830 Daniel martin1831 George Howard1831 to 1832 James Thomas1833 to 1835 Thomas W. Veazey1836 to 1838 William Grayson1839 to 1841 Francis Thomas1842 to 1844 Thomas G. Pratt1845 to 1847 Philip F. Thomas1848 to 1850 Enoch L. Lowe1851 to 1855 Thomas W. Ligon1856 to 1857 Thomas H. Hicks1858 to 1861 Augustus W. Bradford1862 to 1864 Thomas Swann1865 to 1867 Oden Bowie1868 to 1871 W. P. Whyte1872 to 1874 James B. Groome1875 John lee Carroll1876 to 1879 William T. Hamilton1880 to 1883 Robert M. McLane1884 to 1887 Elihu E. Jackson1888 to 1891 Frank Brown1892 to 1896 Lloyd Lowndes1896 to 1900 John W. Smith1900 to — United States Senators Name.No. of Congress.Term. Charles C
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n, S. C.) in Baltimore, June 18, 1860. On the 23d a large number of delegates withdraw, and the remaining delegates nominate Stephen A. Douglas for President. The seceders nominate John C. Breckinridge, of Kentucky......June 23, 1860 Philip Francis Thomas, of Maryland, appointed Secretary of the Treasury......Dec. 12, 1860 A. H. Handy, commissioner from Mississippi, addresses a meeting in Baltimore on the subject of secession......Dec. 19, 1860 Secession flag raised and saluted with ate Treasurer Stevenson Archer discovered to be a defaulter to the amount of $132,401.25, March 27; is arrested at his home in Belair, April 10; is tried, pleads guilty, and is sentenced to five years imprisonment......July 7, 1890 Ex-Gov. Philip Francis Thomas dies at Baltimore, aged eighty......Oct. 2, 1890 United States Senator Ephraim King Wilson dies in Washington, D. C.......Feb. 24, 1891 Monument erected by the State to Leonard Calvert, first governor of the colony, at Old St. M