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Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Chapter XXII: Operations in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Mississippi, North Alabama, and Southwest Virginia. March 4-June 10, 1862. (ed. Lieut. Col. Robert N. Scott), April 29-June 10, 1862.-advance upon and siege of Corinth, and pursuit of the Confederate forces to Guntown, Miss. (search)
neral Nelson to advance at the time I had appointed. Very soon after the divisions of McCook and Nelson entered the enemy's works. About a hundred prisoners, the most of them sick, were found in the place, but no stores of any importance. The little that the enemy did not carry away he destroyed. It appears that the officers from the right and left who entered Corinth on the morning of the 30th reported the fact promptly to General Halleck, who immediately telegraphed the reports to Washington, and the publicity given to them through the press has given rise to some rivalry as to which of the three armies first entered the enemy's works. I have no doubt myself that the honor is due to Major-General Nelson. It is certain that he discovered the enemy were evacuating when others supposed instead that they were preparing to attack. I did not, however, deem the question of priority of so much importance as to anticipate it, and therefore did not forward General Nelson's report for
regiment. It may be well to calculate that Washington and Lee added the whole will furnish two fulery respectfully, your obedient servant, T. A. Washington, Major and Assistant Adjutant-General. very respectfully, your obedient servant T. A. Washington, Major and Assistant Adjutant-General. t Tennessee, Knoxville, April 3, 1862. Maj. T. A. Washington, Assistant Adjutant-General, Richmond,Very respectfully, your obedient servant T. A. Washington, Major and Assistant Adjutant-General. he, Smyth, Carroll, and Grayson, and that of Washington and Russell, should by turns furnish a compa Tennessee, Knoxville, April 26, 1862. Maj. T. A. Washington, Assistant Adjutant-General, C. S. Armast Tennessee, Knoxville, May 5, 1862. Maj. T. A. Washington, Assistant Adjutant-General, Richmond,st Tennessee, Knoxville, May 28, 1862. Maj. T. A. Washington, Assistant Adjutant-General, Richmond:essee, Knoxville, Tenn., June 6, 1862, Maj. T. A. Washington, Assistant Adjutant-General, Richmond,
d WalkerJuly 6, 1858. *23,226P. BoyntonMar. 15, 1859. *26,646P. BoyntonJan. 3, 1860. 38,772H. UnderwoodJune 2, 1863. 39,232C. W. HowardJuly 14, 1863. 45,801C. G. SaezJan. 3, 1865. 5. (b.) Having Chamber in the Barrel in Front of Faucet. No.Name.Date. 11,685H. W. AdamsSept 19, 1854. 12,681F. KleinApr. 10, 1855. 13,154E. AllenJuly 3, 1855. 5. (b.) Having Chamber in the Barrel in Front of Faucet.—Continued. No.Name.Date. 14,077J. H. MerrillJan. 8, 1856. 15,990T. A. WashingtonOct. 28, 1856. 113,194R. HenningerMar. 28, 1871. class C. — revolvers. [The dagger (†) signifies that the cylinder has a cartridge-shell extractor.] 1. Chambered Cylinder revolving on Parallel Axis. (a.) Behind a Barrel; Cylinder charged at Front. No.Name.Date. ...D. G. ColburnJune 29, 1833. ...Samuel ColtFeb. 25, 1836. 182D. LeavittApr. 29, 1837. *364S. DayAug. 3, 1837. 216O. W. WhittierMay 30, 1837. 409C. ParkhurstSept. 25, 1837. 698Theo. F. StrongApr. 21, 1838. <
nce. 14. Major T. S. S. Laidly, Ordnance. 15. Major F. N. Page, Assistant Adjutant General: 16. Major John F. Lee, Judge Advocate General. 17. Major William Hayes, Second Artillery. 18. Major William H. Gordon, Third Infantry. 19. Major George C. Waggaman, Assistant Quartermaster General. 20. Captain John Newton, Engineers. 21. Capt. J. W. Davidson, First Dragoons. 22. Capt. W. J. Newton, Second Dragoons. 23. Capt. T. G. Williams, First Infantry. 24. Capt. T. A. Washington, First Infantry. 25. Capt. G. Chapin, Seventh Infantry. 26. Capt. L. H. Marshall, Tenth Infantry. 27. Capt. Jesse L. Reno, Ordnance. 28. Capt. E, W. B. Newby, First Cavalry. Several in the above list have been rewarded by Lincoln with promotion. Two of them, Majors George H. Thomas and Lawrence P. Graham, have been made Brigadier-Generals. Col. Cooke, who has been for some time in Utah, it was supposed, would retire from the Yankee service, and link his destiny wit
Lincoln's Generals Quarreling. --The Cairo correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial writes, under date of the 3d: A difficulty has sprung up between General Grant and General Prentiss, which is much to be regretted. The circumstances, I believe, are these; General Prentiss was ordered from here to take command of the expedition. At that time he had not received from Washington his appointment for the war, but held over on his three months appointment, General Grant, before Colonel, received his appointment first, and was ordered to take command. He consequently outranked General Prentiss, and ordered him to the command at Caps Girardeau, General Prentiss refused to obey, and was placed under arrest by order of General Grant, and sent to Cape Girardeau, where he now is. It is said that General Prentiss has sent in his resignation.
The Daily Dispatch: September 12, 1861., [Electronic resource], The Virginia officers in the Lincoln army. (search)
list of Virginia officers in Lincoln's army. The list was furnished us by a tried friend to the Confederate cause, and one whose usual accuracy of information was such, we thought, as to justify us in publishing it without question or investigation. It turns out, however, that our informant was in some instances mistaken, several of the officers whose names appear in it being connected with the Confederate army here. This is true of Major Albert J, Smith, Capt. T. G. Williams and Capt. T. A. Washington. Each of these officers resigned in the Federal army at the earliest practical moment, and tendered his services to his own country. The same is probably true of others on the list as published yesterday. We will endeavor in a day or so to furnish a correct list of the Virginia officers in Lincoln's army. Major F. N. Page, reported as Federal Adjutant-General in the list published, has been dead, we understand, for several months. We much regret the error into which we have
The Daily Dispatch: September 14, 1861., [Electronic resource], Exhibition of 1862--the Eccentricities of genius. (search)
paragraph: We are gratified to be able to state that the number of Virginians now holding office in Lincoln's army is much smaller than was indicated by the list published by us the other day, as furnished by one who thought he was "posted" on the subject. Major George C. Waggaman, whose name appears on that list as Assistant Quartermaster General in the Lincoln army, resigned that position, we now state upon good authority, some time since. Major Page, whose name is on the list as Assistant Adjutant General, has been dead upwards of a year. Had he lived, he would have doubtless been among the first to declare for the South. We have already announced that Major Albert J. Smith, Capt. T. G. Williams, and Capt. T. A. Washington, whose names were on the Lincoln list, are in the active service of the Confederate Government. We still hope to hear of the resignation of Col. Philip St. George Cooke, of Col. Stepice, and of others who are still reported as in the Yankee service.