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terror, as he was spoken to by those below, and told to wait a few moments and a ladder would be raised, by which he might safely reach the ground. William A. Carland, of the well-known firm of Carland & Beirne, of "Gothic Hall, " also lost his life. Two women employed in the hotel, Bridget Mulcahey, cook, and Ann McAulay, chambermaid, are also set down among the lost, as their friends, after diligent search and inquiry, have been unable to discover any traces of them. A woman named Alice White, also one of the employees, was rescued by a fireman. She was at the window of the rear portion of the building, on Washington street, and Mr. G. mounted a ladder which had been raised, and, surrounded by smoke and flame, seized the woman in his arms, and bore her part way down the ladder, where he delivered her into the hands of a spectator, and immediately returned into the building in search of another, said to be still in the hotel. No other person, however, was discovered.
wo small boys, whom he had trounced for striking his own little son. His Honor dismissed the case, with some admonitory remarks to the parents, complainant and defendant.--William Scott, a worthless free negro, was ordered to receive 20 lashes for beating Mary F. Tonget, a free negress.--Jacob Poe was fined $1 for allowing filthy matter to escape from his premises into the street.--The case of William, a slave, charged with unlawful huckstering, was dismissed by consent of the parties.--Miss Alice White was arraigned on the charge of throwing stones at Miss Martha Williams, and using language towards her which was altogether unbecoming a lady. It appeared that the accused suspected the complainant of having said some hard things concerning "her man," and avenged herself in the mode mentioned. Ike Levy's name was included in the same warrant, and he came forward to answer the charge brought against him. Miss Alice was held to bail for her future good behavior, and fined $5 for throwi
elius Donahoe, and Joseph Lipinski, charged with stealing distillery fixtures from A. J. Byrne, were sent before Justice Nettles, the alleged offence having been committed in Henrico county, beyond the Mayor's jurisdiction. Sam, slave of Harriet Courtney, was punished with stripes for stealing a lot of lead from H. M. Smith. Thomas Dobson, a white boy, charged with stealing $8 and a gold locket from Chas. Miller, was committed to jail. Michael Leavi, charged with assaulting Alice White, failed to make his appearance when called. Delia Williams, arrested for arraying herself in man's apparel and making herself extremely ridiculous, was discharged with an admonition. The following fines were imposed for ordinance violations: R. R. & J. C. Woodson, $5, in consequence of the Refusal of their back-driver to take a passenger aboard when not otherwise engaged; Jos. Brizzolara, $5, for selling ardent spirits, without license; Geo. T. Smith, $5, for employing an unlice
The weather. --The sun scoots along through the constellation of Libra, and we have had our autumnal equinoctial blow. We have had rainy days and chilly nights. Yesterday, the skies were blue, the sun only spasmodically cloudy, the "atmosphere diaphanous," and the air bracing and cool. It is becoming comfortable to close our windows and "keep the door shut." White hats and straw hats, duck trousers and marseilles are among the things that were. Now dropped off the custom of profuse perspiring; nor do the wayfarers longer esehew the sunny side of the streets. We have a foretaste of coming winter, and we remember with deeper interest than ever our brave volunteers in the field, and their wants, and our duty to supply them.