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s Land layd out, it was Voted & past for the neerr or hither part of the Comon. 3.—Whether this Land should be for ever or for years, It past for a good Inheritance in ffee Simple. 4.—That a Comitte may be Chosen for the heareing & proveing & confirmjng of the Titles of Clajmers to the respective Commons. 5.—The Committee were then Chosen by Vote, & are, viz.— Mr. Joseph LyndeCapt. Ricd SpragueCapt Lar Hammond James Russell Esqr.Lieut Jno Cutter 6.—That Sergt Ricd Lowden, Josiah Wood, Snr, and Tho: White be Impowrd to gether Up the Rent due to ye proprietors, wch monv is to be delivered to sd Comitte for defraying of Charges that arise by Surveying, Laying out & Clearing of, &c. 7.—That the Common be measured by the Care of ye Committee so that ye numbr of Acres thereon may be known. 8.—That it be left wth ye Comitte wch are Empowered to raise mony proportionable from Each Common to defray ye Charge that may arise on the aforesd worke of the Comon. 9.
ign. The, II.—37. Wildridge's Hill, I.—23. William the Conqueror, IV.—13. Willis, Dr., III.—21. Willis, N. Parker, I.—18. Willow Avenue, Somerville, II.—25; III.—14. Wilmington, Mass., IV.—13. Winchester, Va., I.—36. Winter Hill, II.—10, 21, 22, 23, 29; III.—7. Winter Hill Road, II.—9, 13; III.—19, 22. Winter Hill Station, III.—13. Winthrop, John, birth of, IV.—9. Winthrop, John, farm of, IV.—9, 10. Winthrop, Governor, III.—14; IV.—9. Winthrop, John. Jr., IV.—10. Woburn, IV.—21. Wolf's Run Shoals, I.—33; III.—23. Wood, Amelia H., III.—15. Wood, Amelia, home of, III.—15. Wood, Josiah, Sr., III.—10. Woodbridge, Benjamin, IV.—13. Woodbury, Elizabeth Bowen, II.—30. Woodbury, Thomas S., home of, III.—20. Woods Family, The, II.—25. Wool, Major General John E., I.—34, 37; III.—24. Wyman Place, II.—20. Yellow House, The, III.—19. York, England, IV
age of 102. A dau., Damaris, m. Jeremiah Rus-29 sell (par. 6). Rebecca Green, grand-dau. of John Williams, deceased, was adm. Pct. ch. 13 Dec. 1761. 2. Nathaniel, s. of John (1),had w. Anna, adm. to this ch.— from the ch. of Christ in Littleton—by letter, 2 Mar. 1740. He d. here 20 July, 1748, a. 50; and his wid. Anna m. Ebenezer Parker, of Stoneham, 25 Oct. 1749. Anna Parker—late Williams—was dism. to Stoneham 7 Apr. 1754. She was Anna Davies, pub. to Williams in 1738.—Paige. Josiah Wood, son of Mrs. Anna Williams, d. 17 Nov. 1742, a. 22. 3. Thomas, s. of John (1) and w. Sarah, adm. Pct. ch. at organization, 9 Sept. 1739. He belonged to the Baptist Society in this Pct. 1787, and d. 5 Feb. 1809, at the age of 101. [His mother d. in 1772, a. 102.] Sarah, w. of Thomas, d. 1 Nov. 1772, a. 59. She was Sarah Cutter, pub. in 1731, dau. of Gershom Cutter-Cutter (par. 8). Had Thomas, Jr., d. 26 July, 1756, a.—; John; Gershom; Sarah, b.———, 1740, bap. 13 Apr. 174