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se; Col. Crutchfield, Chief of Artillery, was wounded; and two couriers were killed. Gen. Jackson received one ball in his left arm, two inches below the shoulder joint, shattering the bone and severing the chief artery; a second passed through the same arm, between the elbow and wrist, making its exit through the palm of the hand; a third ball entered the palm of his right hand, about the middle, and, passing through, broke two of the bones. He fell from his horse, and was caught by Capt. Wormly, to whom he said, All my wounds are by my own men. The firing was responded to by the enemy, who made a sudden advance; and, the Confederates falling back, their foes actually charged over Jackson's body. He was not discovered, however; and, the Federals being driven back in turn, he was rescued. Ready hands places him upon a litter, and he was borne to the rear, amid a heavy fire from the enemy. One of the litter-bearers was shot down, and the General fell from the shoulders of th