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Armenia (Armenia) (search for this): book 3, chapter 2
ly, shook hands with him heartily, and departed for home.Now, when the king of Armenia received Cyrus's summons and heard of his plans, he came to Cyrus as quickly aish on condition that you paid in full just as much rental as other tenants in Armenia do?”“Yes,” said the Chaldaeans, “if we could be sure of not being molested.” “Tell me, King of Armenia,” said he, “would you be willing that that land of yours which now lies uncultivated should be cultivated, if those who cultivate it would pet large profits by it, without any labour on their own part.“And you, King of Armenia,” said he, “would you be willing to rent their pasture lands, if by letting th day the covenants which were then made between the Chaldaeans and the king of Armenia still continue in force. And when the treaty was made, they both together begahim learn what he had done. Accordingly, he began to speak as follows:“King of Armenia,” said he, “and you Chaldaeans, tell me—if I should now
will pay as much as any one ever did.”They assented and said that the volunteers would be many. These terms were thus agreed upon; andCyrus proposes an embassy to India when Cyrus heard that the Chaldaeans made frequent trips to the Indian king, remembering that representatives from him had once come to Media to investigate conditd one of my men to the Indian king, would you send along some of yours to conduct him on the way and to co-operate with him in getting what I want from the king of India? Now I should like to have more money, in order to be in a position both to pay generous wages when I ought, and to honour with rewards those of my fellow-soldierstion, if he would offer it. “Now, when the messenger, to whom I am asking you to furnish guides and co-workers, arrives there, he will speak on this wise: ‘King of India, Cyrus has sent me to you; he says that he needs more funds, for he is expecting another army from his home in Persia’—and that is true,” said he, “for I am