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ἀμφίς , Ep. word, once in Pi. (v.infr.), Trag. only E.Hyps. (v. infr.), prop.
A.= ἀμφί, but mostly as Adv.:
1. on both sides, . ἀρωγοί helpers on either hand, to either party, Il.18.502, cf. 519; ἁμαρτῇ δούρασιν . βάλεν threw with spears from both hands at once, 21.162; σεῖον ζυγὸν . ἔχοντες having it on both sides, Od.3.486.
2. generally, round about,. ἐόντεςIl.24.488; . ἰδών having looked about, Hes.Op.701 (cf. infr. B. 1); δεσμοὶ . . . ἔχοιεν may bonds encompass, Od.8.340; “σιδηρέῳ ἄξονι .at each end, Il.5.723; and so (rather than between) 3.115, 7.342; μολπὴ . ἔχει δώματα fills the house, Xenoph. 1.12.
II. apart, asunder,γαῖαν καὶ οὐρανὸν . ἔχεινOd.1.54; . ἐέργειν to keep apart, Il.13.706; . ἀγῆναι snap in twain, 11.559; “τόξων ἀϊκὰς . μένον15.709; . φράζεσθαι think separately, each for himself, i.e. to be divided, 2.13; “. φρονέοντε13.345; . ἕκαστα εἴρεσθαι to ask each by itself, i.e. one after another, Od.19.46 codd.; . ἔμμεναι to be absent, Orac. ap. Hdt.1.85.
B. less freq as Prep., like ἀμφί:
I. c.gen. (which it may either precede or follow), around, ἅρματος . ἰδεῖν look all round his chariot, Il.2.384.
b. concerning,. ἀληθείηςParm.8.51; “ἀέθλοις . . ἐσθᾶτος .Pi.P.4.253.
2. apart from, far from,. ἐκείνων εἶναιOd.14.352; “Διὸς . ἥσθηνIl.8.444; “. φυλόπιδοςOd.16.267; . ὁδοῦ aside from, out of road, Il.23.393; πάτρας . far from her fatherland, E. Hyps.Fr.3 iii 30.
II. c. acc., about, around, always after its case, “Κρόνον .Il.14.274; “Ποσιδήϊον .Od.6.266, cf. 9.399.
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