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διαλέγω ,
A.pick out, Hdt.8.107, 113, X.Oec.8.9, etc.; πτῶμα glean fallen olives, PFay.102.20; cf. διαλέγειν: ἀνακαθαίρειν, Hsch.; select, separate, Pl.Lg.735b; examine, check documents, PFay.11.26 (ii B.C.), etc.
II. διαλέγων τὴν ὀπήν picking open the hole, to escape, Ar.Lys.720; cf. διαλέξαι: διορύξαι, Hsch.
B. as Dep., διαλέγομαι: fut. “διαλέξομαιIsoc.12.5 and 112; also “-λεχθήσομαιId.9.34, D.18.252; “-λεγήσομαιInscr.Perg.5 (iii B.C.): aor. “διελεξάμηνHom., Ar.Fr.343; Aeol. imper. “ζάλεξαιSapph.Supp. 16.3; also “διελέχθηνHdt.3.51, and always in Att. Inscrr., IG22.657, etc.: less freq. aor. 2 “διελέγηνArist.Top.154a34, 159a5, Scymn.7, IG5(1).5.5 (Lacon.), GDI5163a2 (Crete), PPetr.3p.130 (iii B.C.), IG 22.1236; 3pl. “διέλεγενCIG3656.7 (Cyzic.): pf. “διείλεγμαιPl.Tht. 158c, Isoc.5.81: plpf. “διείλεκτοD.21.119, but in pass. sense, Lys.9.5:—hold converse with, c. dat. pers., “μοι ταῦτα φίλος διελέξατο θυμόςIl.11.407, cf. Archil.80, Hdt.3.50,51, Ar.Nu.425, etc.; “πρὸς ἀλλήλουςPl.Plt.272c, etc.; δ. τί τινι or πρός τινα, discuss a question with another, X.Mem.2.10.1, 1.6.1; δ. ὅρους talk in definitions, Arist.APo. 92b32; “δ. περί τινοςIsoc.3.8, D.18.252; “ἀνὴρ ἀνδρὶ δ.Th.8.93; δ. τινὶ μὴ ποιεῖν argue with one against doing, Id.5.59; “εἰ τουτὶ τὸ ῥῆμα, ἀλλὰ μὴ τουτὶ διελέχθην ἐγώD.18.232; οἱ νόμοι οὐδὲν τούτῳ δ. have nothing to say to him, concern him not, Id.43.59; “ νομοθέτης οὔπω τινὶ δ.Aeschin.1.17; “δ. πρός τιto argue on . ., Arist.Top.159a7; or against . ., Id.Ph.185a6: abs., to discourse, reason, X.Mem.4.5.12; “δ. περί τινοςIsoc.5.109, etc., freq. in Pl., Ap.33a, al.; “γλῶσσα εὔτροχος ἐν τῷ δ.Plu.Per.7; reason, calculate, = διαλογίζομαι, Id.Marc.18:—the Act. in med. sense, Hermipp.40; οἱ διαλεγόμενοι, of logicians, Polystr.p.6 W., al.
2. in Philosophy, practise dialectic, elicit conclusions by discussion,οὐκ ἐρίζειν ἀλλὰ δ.Pl.R.454a, cf. 511c, Tht.167e, etc.
3. later, discourse, lecture, Philostr.VS2.21.3.
4. use a dialect or language,κατὰ ταὐτά τισι δ.Hdt.1.142; “ΦοινικιστίPlb.1.80.6; write in prose, opp.ποιεῖν, D.H.Comp.20.
b. speak articulately, Arist.HA535b2.
5. in Att., euphem. for συνουσιάζω, have intercourse, Ar.Ec.890, Pl.1082, Hyp.Fr.171, Plu.Sol. 20, Hierocl.p.64A.
6. have dealings with, OGI484.23 (Pergam.).
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