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ἕψω , impf.
A.ἧψονAr.Ra.505, al.: fut. “ἑψήσωNicoch.15, Men.260: aor. “ἥψησαHdt.1.119 (v.l. ἕψ-), Ar.Fr.4, Pl.Euthd.301d, etc.; cf. συν-έψω: pf. “ἥψηκαPh.2.245:—Med., imper. “ἕψουA.Fr.310: fut. “ἑψήσομαιPl.R.372c:—Pass., “ἕψεταιAntiph.217.4, part. “ἑψόμενοςPi. N.4.82, Hp.Int.44: fut. “ἑψηθήσομαιGal.13.398: aor. “ἡψήθηνHdt.4.61, Plu.2.690c, etc., part. “ἑψηθείςDsc.5.85, Eup.1.139 (v.l. ἑφθέντες): pf. “ἡψημένοςD.S.2.9, ἑψ- Arist.Pr.884b14, Hp.Mul.1.78.—ἕψω is Att. acc. to Hdn.Gr.1.456: ἑψέω is dub., imper. ἕψεε v.l. in Hp.Acut. (Sp.) 63, impf. ἥψεε v.l. ἕψεε Hdt.1.48; elsewh. in Hdt. and Hp. the uncontracted forms are found: ἑψάω is a late form, Mete. 315.8, al.:—boil, seethe, of meat and the like (never in Hom., where meat is roasted, v. ὀπτάω), Hdt.1.48, al., Hp.VM3, Pl.Euthd. 301c, etc.; . χύτραν 'to keep the pot boiling', Ar.Ec.845, Pl.Hp.Ma. 290d; prov. of useless labour, “λίθον ἕψειςAr.V.280 (lyr.), Pl.Erx. 405b: c. gen. partit., ἥψομεν τοῦ κορκόρου we boiled some pimpernel, Ar.V.239:—Med., “ἕψου μηδὲ λυπηθῇς πυρίA.Fr.310:—Pass., to be boiled, of meat, Hdt.4.61, etc.; of liquids, boil, Arist.Mete.379b28, Plu.2.690c.
2. digest, “τὰ σιτίαHp.Acut.28.
3. of metals, smelt, refine, “ἑψόμενος χρυσόςPi.N.4.82.
4. Med., ἑψήσασθαι κόμην dye it, Poll.2.35:—also in Act., Phot., Hsch. (ἐψεῖν cod.).
5. metaph., γῆρας ἀνώνυμον ἕψειν cherish an inglorious old age, Pi.O.1.83.
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