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λείβ-ω , Il.1.463, etc.: aor. inf. λεῖψαι, part. λείψας, 7.481, 24.285:— Med., aor.
A.ἐλειψάμηνE.Alc.1015:—Pass., Hes.Sc.390, E.(v.infr.):— pour, pour forth, used like σπένδω in a religious sense, οἶνον λείβειν make a libation of wine, Il.1.463, Od.3.460; “μέθυ12.362; also λείβειν (without οἶνον) Il.24.285; “ἐξ ἀσαμίνθου κύλικος λ.Cratin.234; esp. with a dat. of the gods to whom the libation is made, “λεῖψαι ΚρονίωνιIl.7.481; “θεοῖςOd.2.432; in full, “Διὶ λ. αἴθοπα οἶνονIl.6.266, cf. 10. 579: rare in Trag., “σπονδὰς θύειν τε λ. τ᾽A.Supp.981; “σπονδὰς θεοῖς λ.E.Ion1033:—Med., σπονδάς Id.Alc.l.c.
II. like εἴβω (q.v.), let flow, shed, “δάκρυα λ.Il.13.88, 658, Od.5.84, 16.214; “δάκρυ λ.A. Th.51; ἐκ δ᾽ ὀμμάτων λείβουσι δυσφιλῆ λίβα δία cod. M) Id.Eu.54; “δι᾽ ὄμματος ἀστακτὶ λ. δάκρυονS.OC1251; τήκειν καὶ λ. (abs.) melt and liquefy one's spirit, Pl.R.411b:—Pass., of the tears, to be shed, pour forth, E.Ph.1522 (lyr.), X.Cyr.6.4.3; but also, of persons, λείβομαι δάκρυσιν κόρας have my eyes running with tears, E.Andr.532 (lyr.).
2. of other liquids, κόμαι λείβουσιν ἔλαια drip with oil, Call.Ap.38:—Pass., ἀφρὸς περὶ στόμα λείβεται Hes.l.c., cf. Pl.Ti. 82d; ὅπλα λύθρῳ λ., τύμβος λ. μέλιτι, AP6.163 (Mel.), 7.36 (Eryc.): metaph., of sound (cf. χέω)“, θρῆνον . . λειβόμενον . . σὺν καμάτῳPi.P. 12.10.
III. in Pass., also, melt or pine away, Ar.Eq.327 (lyr.), Plu.2.681b.—σπένδω was nearly equiv. in sense, and was used in Att. Com. and Prose (exc. Pl.and
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