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παῖς , also παῦς (q. v.), παιδός, , , gen. pl. παίδων, Dor. παιδῶν Greg.Cor.p.317 S.; dat. pl. παισί, Ep.
A.παίδεσσιOd.3.381, etc.; in early Ep. freq. disyll. in nom. πάϊς , e. g. when forming part of two different feet, Il.2.609, 5.704, etc.; prob. also in the fifth foot, 9.57, 11.389; and before bucolic diaeresis, 2.205, al.; also in Lyr., Sapph.38, 85; and in Boeot., IG7.690, al. (Tanagra), cf. πῆς; πάϊ [α^ι_] Od.24.192 (παιδ- is never disyll. in oblique cases in Hom.); acc. “πάϊνA. R.4.697, AP3.8 (Inscr. Cyzic.), 9.125; gen. παϊδός Epigr. ap. Luc.Symp.41; dat. παϊδί prob. in Anacr.17:
I. in relation to Descent, child, whether son, Il. 2.205,609, al. (with special reference to the father, opp. τέκνον, q.v.): pl., Th.1.4, etc.; or daughter, Il.1.20,443, 3.175; “παῖδες ἄρρενες καὶ θήλειαιPl.Lg.788a; παῖς, opp. κόρα, Berl.Sitzb.1927.7 (Locr., v. B.C.); of an adopted son, “ἀλλά σε παῖδα ποιεύμηνIl.9.494; “παίδων παῖδες, τοί κεν μετόπισθε γένωνται20.308, cf. Pi.N.7.100, Inscr.Cypr.135.11 H., etc.; “Ἀγήνορος παῖδες ἐκ παίδωνE.Ph.281; freq. in orators of legal issue, Isoc.19.9, Is.7.31, etc.; of animals, A.Ag.50 (anap.).
II. in relation to Age, child, boy or girl, “νέος π.Od.4.665; “παῖδες νεαροίIl.2.289; “σμίκρα π.Sapph.34: with another Subst., π. συφορβός boy-swineherd, Il.21.282; “παῖδα κόρην γαμεῖνAr.Lys.595; “ἐν παισὶ νέοισι π.Pi.N.3.72; “π. ἔτ᾽ ὤνA.Ch. 755, cf. Il.11.710; “ἔτι π.Pl.Prt.310e; παιδὸς μηδὲν βελτίων ib.342e: distd. from παιδίον, μειράκιον, Hp.Hebd.5, cf. X.Smp.4.17, Cyr.8.7.6, 1.2.4; ἐκ παιδός from a child, Pl.R.374c; “ἐκ παιδὸς εἰς γῆραςAeschin.1.180; “ἐκ τῶν παίδων εὐθύςPl.Lg.694d, cf. R.386a; “ἀκούων τῶν παίδων εὐθύςId.Lg.642b; “εὐθὺς ἐκ παίδων ἐξελθώνD.21.154; ἡλικίαν ἔχειν τὴν ἄρτι ἐκ π. to be just out of one's childhood, X.HG5.4.25; “ἐκ μικρῶν π.Arist.Pol. 1336a14; [“Ἡρακλῆς] ἐν παισὶν ὄφεις ἀπέκτεινενD.C.56.36; ἐν παισὶ (v.l. παιδὶ)“ ποιμαίνωνHdn.6.8.1; χορηγεῖν παισί (cf. “χορηγέω11): prov., “τοῦτο κἂν π. γνοίηPl.Euthd.279d; “δῆλον τοῦτό γε ἤδη καὶ παιδίId.Smp.204b; “παῖδας [τοὺς πρὸ αὐτοῦ] ἀπέφηνεLuc.Peregr.11, cf. Alex.4; ἔνι τις καὶ ἐν ἡμῖν π., of the superstitious fears of a child, Pl. Phd.77e, cf. Porph.Abst.1.41.
III. in relation to Condition, slave, servant, man or maid (of all ages), “παῖ, παῖA.Ch.653, cf. Ar. Ach.395, Epicr.5.2, etc.; “παῖ, παιδίονAr.Nu.132: pl., of the crew of a ship, D.33.8. (From Παϝις, cf. παῦρος, Lat. puer.
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