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πραγμα^τ-ικός , ή, όν, for action or business, businesslike, statesmanlike, later Greek for πρακτικός, βασιλεύς, ἄνδρες, Plb.7.11.2, 7.12.2, al.; pragmatici homines, men of the world, men of affairs, Cic.Att.2.20.1; wise and prudent men, Vett. Val.17.22; πραγματική, = ἐπιστήμη τῶν ἀνθρωπίνων πραγμάτων, Andronic. Rhod.p.574 M. Adv. “-κῶςCic.QF2.14.2.
2. Subst. πραγματικός, , agent, attorney, π. τῆς πόλεως, τοῦ νομοῦ, Inscr.Magn.189 (ii A. D.), PAmh.2.107.15 (ii A. D.), cf. SIG888.101 (Scaptopara, iii A. D.).
b. Lat.pragmaticus, legal adviser, Or.1.45.59, Quint. Inst.12.3.4, Juv.7.123.
c. civil official, opp.military officer, PTeb.58.18 (ii B. C.), OGI139.7 (Egypt, ii B. C.), 669.21, al. (ibid. i A.D.); civilian, opp. στρατιωτικός, Plb.14.1.13; “ἱερόδουλοι καὶ π. τοῦ ἱεροῦLXX 1 Es.8.22.
3. π. τύπος, νόμος, = Lat. pragmatica sanctio, Just.Nov.7.2.1, Cod.Just.
II. of things,
1. of history, political (including military), Plb.1.2.8, 9.2.4, al., Plu.Galb.2, etc.; π. ἀποφάσεις political utterances, Plb.32.2.7.
2. of speech or action, able, prudent, statesmanlike, ἔργον, λόγοι, Id.3.116.7, 36.5.1; “τρόποςId.23.5.5; ὥστε μὴ ὑποπτεῦσαί τι περὶ αὐτοῦ πραγματικόν anything machiavellian, Id.30.27.2, cf.30.19.11. Adv.“-κῶςId.2.13.1, al.; by statecraft, Id.31.10.6.
III. relating to subject-matter, opp. style, π. τόπος, opp. λεκτικός, D.H.Comp.1: Sup., “-ωτάτη εὕρεσιςHermog. Inv.1.1.
2. relating to fact, θεωρήματα, ζήτησις, Epicur.Nat.28 Fr.4 (p.5 V.), Demetr.Lac.Herc.1014.62; “πίστις Hermog. ip.57 R. (v.l.): -κή, , deliberation on matter of fact or on action, ib.iip.161 R.; π.ἔγγραφος, ἄγραφος, ib.p.162 R.
b. material (opp. formal, verbal), “διαφωνίαSimp. in Cael.640.28. Adv. “-κῶς, ζητεῖνPhld.Rh.2.238 S., cf. Plu.2.960b; διαφέρεσθαι ib.1113c; τὸ π. ἀπορούμενον difficulty arising from facts (opp. verbal), Ph.1289.35: Sup., “ἐν τοῖς Στωικοῖς - ώτατα φιλοσοφῆσαιPorph.Abst.4.8: opp. ψυχικῶς, στοιχειακῶς, Westermann Mythogr.p.328.
IV. πραγματικόν, τό, in Magic, effective spell, PMag.Par.1.2432.
V. troublesome, formidable, of a citadel, Plb.4.70.10; “λίαν δυσάλωτος καὶ π. πόλιςBeros. ap. J.Ap.1.20; of an attack, Plb.5.5.4; “ἀήττητα καὶ π. πλήθηId.1.35.5.
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