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τίμι-ος [τι_], α, ον, Pl.Prt.347c, al.; also ος, ον S.Ant.948 (lyr.), Arist. Pol.1283a36, Opp.H.2.651: (τιμή):—
I. held in honour, worthy, “ὅδε πᾶσι φίλος καὶ τ. ἐστιOd.10.38, cf. Sapph.10, 105, Alc. 49, Hdt.9.71, etc.; ἄνδρα τ. A.Ch.556; γενεᾷ τίμιος [Δανάη] S. l.c.; “τίμιοι ἐν τῇ πόλειPl.Lg.829d; “νηὸν . . πᾶσιν μάλα τ. ἀνθρώποισιh.Ap. 483, cf. Hes.Fr.134.7, etc.: freq. in Comp. and Sup., “τιμιώταται θεῶνA.Eu.967 (lyr.); “πασῶν Ἀθῆναι -ωτάτη πόλιςS.OC108; “-ώτερον ἐπιστήμη ὀρθῆς δόξης ἐστίPl.Men.98a; as form of address, “-ώτατεDsc.Eup.1 Prooem.; “τῷ -ωτάτῳ χαίρεινLuc.Ep.Sat.2.25, A.D.Synt.41.2, Sammelb.7347.29 (ii A.D.), etc.
II. of things, valuable, prized, “οὐδὲν κτῆμα -ώτερονS.Ant.702, cf. E.Alc.301, Ph. 439 (Sup.), Apoc.17.4.
2. of high price, costly, dear, Hdt.3.23 (Sup.), 8.105 (Comp.), Lys.22.8, Pl.Euthd.304b, Prt.347c, Thphr. Lap.18 (Sup.); πωλεῖται τίμιος is sold dearly, ib.31; “τίμιον ἀγοράζεινPCair.Zen.160.10 (iii B.C.); “χρυσίον ὅταν πολὺ παραφανῇ, τὸ ἀργύριον -ώτερον ποιεῖX.Vect.4.10: Comp. -έστερος dub. in PCair.Zen. 375.13 (iii B.C.). Adv. “-ίως, πρίασθαιLyd.Mag.3.35.
3. conferring honour, honourable, τιμία ἕδρα a seat of honour, A.Eu.854, cf. Th.241 (lyr.); τ. γέρας an honourable privilege, Id.Supp.986; οὑπιρρέων γὰρ -ώτερος χρόνος ἔσται πολίταις more full of honour, Id.Eu. 853; -ωτέρα χώρα a higher place, X.Cyr.8.4.10; “δῶραId.An.1.2.27: τὰ τίμια, = τιμαί, Pi.Fr.221 (cj.), SIG659.8 (Delph., ii B.C.), al., Plb.6.9.8, Supp.Epigr.3.468.10, al. (Thess., i B.C.); “τὰ τ. τῶν ἱερῶνOGI 90.33 (Rosetta, ii B.C.); also in sg., SIG591.6 (Lampsacus, ii B.C.); τὰ -ώτατα, = τὰ φίλτατα, D.18.215; αἱ καλούμεναι τίμιαι τέσσαρες τέχναι Zos.Alch.p.239 B.
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