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χλωρός , ά, όν,
A.greenish-yellow, pale green,χλωραὶ ῥῶπεςOd.16.47; “ὄρος . . χλωρόνh.Ap.223; “χλωραὶ ἐλάταιPi.Fr.167, E.Ba.38; “χλωραῖς ὑπὸ βάσσαιςS.OC673 (lyr.); “χλωρὰν ἀν᾽ ὕληνE.Hipp.17; “δόνακι χλωρὸν ΕὐρώτανId.Hel.349 (lyr.), cf. S.Ant.1132 (lyr.); also in Prose, “σίτου ἔτι χ. ὄντοςTh.4.6; “τὰ φυόμενα χ. τὸ πρῶτον εἶναιThphr.Sens. 78; χ. the green plaster, Androm. ap. Gal.13.470; χλωρὸς λίθος, = σμάραγδος, PHolm.5.10; of sea-water, Poet. ap. Plu.2.767f(cf. E.Fr. 1084); of other water, AP9.669.3 (Marian.): χλωρά, , green paint, as a stage-property to represent a river in scenery, Pap. in Eos. 32.30 (v/vi A. D.).
2. yellow,μέλι χ.Il.11.631, Od.10.234; ἀμφὶ χλωρὰν ψάμαθον on the yellow sand, S.Aj.1064; ᾠοῦ τὸ χ. yolk of egg, Zopyr. ap. Orib.14.61.1.
II. generally, pale, pallid,χλωρὸς ἀδάμαςHes.Sc.231: most freq.,
2. of persons, pale,χλωρὸς ὑπαὶ δείουςIl.10.376, 15.4; χ. Ἀχλύς (personified) Hes.Sc.265; “χλωροτέρα . . ποίας ἔμμιSapph.2.14; hence as an epith. of fear, “χλωρὸν δέοςIl.7.479, Od.11.43, etc.; “χλωρῷ δείματιA.Supp.566 (lyr.), cf. E.Supp.599 (lyr.): in Medic. writers, yellow, biliouslooking, ὀφθαλμοὶ -ότεροι v. l. in Hp.VM10; “χρῶμα χ. ἴσχεινId.Prog. 24; “σῶμα . . οὔτε χ. ἀλλ᾽ ὑπέρυθρονTh.2.49; also χ. πτύελος, οὖρον, Hp.Prog.14, VM10 (Comp.).
III. without regard to colour, green, i. e. fresh, opp. dry, esp. of wood, ῥόπαλον . . χλωρὸν ἐλαΐνεον of green olive-wood, Od.9.320, cf. 379; opp. αὖος, Hes.Op.743; “τὰ σφόδρα χ. ἄκαυσταArist.Mete.387a22; χ. ξύλα ib.374a5, al.; of various things, “χλωραὶ ἐέρσαιPi.N.8.40; τυρὸς χ. fresh cheese, Ar.Ra.559, Lys.23.6; of fish, fresh, not salted, Ath.7.309b; of fruit, fresh picked, IG22.1013.23, Dsc.1.113.
2. metaph., fresh, blooming, χλωρόν τε καὶ βλέποντα Trag. ap. Hsch. (perh. to be read in A.Ag.677 for καὶ ζῶντα καὶ β.; λειμὼν ἄνθεσι (sed fort. ἔρνεσι)“ θάλλων χλωροῖςE.IA1297 (lyr.); “χλωρὸν γόνυTheoc.14.70; “χ. αἷαμαfresh, living, S.Tr.1055, E.Hec.127 (anap.); χ. δάκρυ fresh, bursting tear, E.Med.906, cf. 922, Hel.1189; “χλωρὰ δακρύων ἄχναS.Tr.847 (lyr.); “οἴνου χλωραὶ σταγόνεςsparkling, E.Cyc.67 (lyr.).
3. metaph., unripe,χ. καὶ ἄναιμα πράγματαGorg.Fr.16. (Not contr. fr. χλοερός but cogn. with it and χλόη.
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