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ἔοικα from εἴκω, of which we have 3rd sg. imperf. εἶκε, it seemed good, Il.; fut. εἴξω, will be like, Ar. perf. with pres. sense

to be like: be like, look like, τινι Hom., etc.:—with the part., where we use the inf., αἰεὶ γὰρ δίφρου ἐπιβησομένοισι ἐΐκτην seemed always just about to set foot upon the chariot, Il.; ἔοικε σπεύδοντι seems anxious, Plat. seem likely, c. inf., in phrases which we render by making the Verb impersonal, as in the Lat. videor videre, methinks I see, χλιδᾶν ἔοικας methinks thou art delicate, Aesch.; ἔοικα οὐκ εἰδέναι Soph.
2.impers., ἔοικε it seems; ὡς ἔοικε as it seems, id=Soph., etc.; ὡς ἔοικε used to modify a statement, probably, I believe, Plat.:—so also personal, ὡς ἔοικας Soph. beseem, befit, c. dat. pers., Xen.
2.impers., ἔοικε it is fitting, right, seemly, reasonable, mostly with a negat. and foll. by inf., οὐκ ἔστ᾽, οὐδὲ ἔοικε, ἀρνήσασθαι it is not possible, nor is it seemly, to deny, Hom.
1.seeming like, like, id=Hom., etc.
2.fitting, seemly, meet, id=Hom.
3.likely, probable, εἰκός ἐστι, for ἔοικε, Soph.; also ὡς εἰκός, ionic ὡς οἰκός, for ὡς ἔοικε, Hdt., etc.

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