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καλός 1

I.beautiful, beauteous, fair, Lat. pulcher, of outward form, Hom., etc.; καλὸς δέμας beautiful of form, Od.; so, εἶδος κάλλιστος Xen.; καλὸς τὸ σῶμα id=Xen.; c. inf., κ. εἰσοράασθαι Hom.
2.τὸ καλόν, like κάλλος, beauty, Eur., etc.: τὰ καλά the decencies, proprieties, elegancies of life, Hdt., etc. reference to use, beautiful, fair, good, κ. λιμήν Od.; καλὸς εἴς τι Xen.; πρός τι Plat.; c. inf., κάλλιστος τρέχειν Xen.;—esp. in the foll. phrases, ἐν καλῷ [τόπῳ] in a good place, Thuc.; ἐν καλῷ τοῦ κόλπου, τῆς πόλεως Xen.; ἐν κ. (sub. χρόνῳ), in good time, in season, Eur.:—so, καλόν ἐστι, c. inf., Soph.
2.of sacrifices, good, auspicious, Aesch., etc. moral sense, beautiful, noble, καλόν [ἐστι] c. inf., Hom., etc.; καλὰ ἔργματα noble deeds, Pind., etc.
2.τὸ καλόν moral beauty, virtue, opp. to τὸ αἰσχρόν (Cicero's honestum and turpe), Xen., Plat.
B.Degrees of comp.: comp. καλλίων (short ι) ον, Sup. κάλλιστος, η, ον, Hom., etc.
C.adv.:— καλόν as adv., καλὸν ἀείδειν, etc., Hom.; so καλά Il.; τὸ καλόν Theocr.
II.regul. adv. καλῶς, mostly in moral sense, well, rightly, Od.; καλῶς ζῆν, τεθνηκέναι, etc., Soph., etc.; οὐ καλῶς ταρβεῖς id=Soph.; often in phrase καλῶς καὶ εὖ, καλῶς τε καὶ εὖ Plat.
2.of good fortune, well, happily, κ. πράσσειν εὖ πρ. to fare well, Aesch., etc.; κ. ἔχειν to be well, id=Aesch.; κ. ἔχει, c. inf., 'tis well to . . , Xen.
3.καλῶς πάνυ, right well, κ. ἔξοιδα Soph.; so in comp., κάλλιον εἰδέναι Plat.; and in Sup. κάλλιστα, Soph., etc.
4.κ. ποιῶν, as adv., rightly, deservedly, Lat. merito, κ. ποιῶν ἀπόλλυται Ar. answers, to approve the words of the former speaker, well said! Lat. euge, Eur., Dem.:—but, also, to decline an offer courteously or ironically, thank you! Lat. benigne, Ar.; and in Sup., κάλλιστ᾽, ἐπαινῶ id=Ar.
6.ironically, finely, Lat. belle, Soph., Eur.
D.Quantity: α_ in epic Poets: α^ in attic: in later Poets α^ or α_, as the verse requires.

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