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λαμβάνω from Root ΛΑΒ

The orig. sense of the word is two-fold, one (more active) to take, and the other (more passive) to receive take: take hold of, grasp, seize, Hom., etc.; the part seized in gen., the whole in acc., τὴν πτέρυγος λάβεν caught her by the wing, Il.; γούνων λάβε κούρην Od., etc.:—then, with gen. of part only, ποδῶν, γούνων, κόρυθος λάβεν took hold of the feet, etc., Il. take by violence, seize, carry off as prize or booty, Hom.
3.λ. δίκην, ποινάς, Lat. sumere poenas, to exact punishment, Eur., etc.; v. infr. II. 3.
4.of passions, feelings, etc., to seize, Hom., etc.; of fever and sudden illnesses, to attack, Hdt., attic
5.of a deity, to seize, possess, τινά Hdt.: of darkness, and the like, to occupy, possess, Aesch. catch, come upon, overtake, as an enemy, Hom., Hdt.: to catch, find, come upon, λ. τινὰ μοῦνον Hdt., etc.: also, to catch, find out, detect, Lat. deprehendo, id=Hdt.: so Pass., ἐπ᾽ αὐτοφώρωι εἰλημμένος caught in the act, Ar.
7.λ. τινὰ ὁρκίοισι to bind him by oaths, Hdt. take as an assistant, Soph.
9.τὴν Ἴδην λαβὼν ἐς ἀριστερὴν χέρα taking, keeping Ida to your left; so, λ. ἐν δεξιᾶι Thuc.
10.λ. Ἑλληνίδα ἐσθῆτα to assume it, Hdt. apprehend by the senses, Soph., Plat.:— to seize with the mind, apprehend, comprehend, Hdt., etc.:— to take, i. e. understand, a thing so and so, e. g. a passage of an author, Lat. accipere, Hdt., Thuc., etc. take in hand, undertake, Hdt.
13.the part. λαβών is almost pleon., as, λαβὼν κύσε χεῖρα took and kissed, Od.; so in attic receive: have given one, to get, gain, win, Hom., etc.:—also in bad sense, λ. ὄνειδος Soph.; θάνατον Eur., etc. receive in marriage, Hdt., Xen.
3.λ. δίκην to receive, i. e. suffer, punishment, as we say, to catch it, Lat. dare poenas, Hdt., Eur.: —an unusual sense, v. supr. I. 2.
4.λ. ὅρκον to accept an oath as a test, Arist.; λ. λόγον to demand an account, Xen. conceive, Aesch. receive as produce or profit, Ar., Plat.; to purchase Ar. admit of, Pind.
8.of persons subject to feelings, passions, and the like, λ. θυμόν to take heart, Od.; so, periphr., λ. φόβον φοβεῖσθαι, Soph., etc.; so, λ. ὕψος ὑψοῦσθαι, Thuc.; λ. νόσον (as we say) "to take a cold, " Plat.; so, αἱ οἰκίαι ἐπάλξεις λαμβάνουσαι receiving battlements, having battlements added, Thuc.
B.Mid. to take hold of, lay hold on, c. gen., σχεδίης Od., Hdt., etc.
2.of place, λ. τῶν ὀρῶν to take to the mountains, reach, gain them, Thuc.

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