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A.Act. to hold beside, hold in readiness, to furnish, provide, supply, Hom., etc.:—absol., πᾶσι παρέξω I will provide for all, Od. afford, cause, grant, give, φιλότητα, εὐφροσύνην Hom.; ὄχλον Hdt.; χάριν, εὔνοιαν Soph., etc. present or offer for a purpose, c. inf., [ὄϊες] παρέχουσι γάλα θῆσθαι Od.; π. τὸ σῶμα τύπτειν Ar.; π. ἑαυτόν τινι ἐρωτᾶν Plat.:—hence, absol., to submit oneself, ἰατροῖς παρέχουσι ἀποτέμνειν Xen.; πάρεχε ἐκποδών make yourself scarce, Ar.
2.with reflex. Pron. and a predicative, to shew or exhibit oneself so and so, π. ἑαυτὸν σοφιστήν Plat.; εὐπειθῆ Xen.; π. γῆν ἄσυλον to offer the country as an asylum, Eur. allow, grant, σιγὴν παρασχών Soph.;—c. inf. to allow one to do a thing, id=Soph.
2.impers., παρέχει τινί c. inf. (where καιρός may be supplied), it is allowed, easy, in one's power to do so and so, Hdt., Eur., etc.:—so neut. part. used absol., παρέχον it being in one's power, since one can, Hdt., Thuc. attic to produce a person on demand, Xen., etc.
B.Mid. παρέχομαι, fut. -έξομαι and -σχήσομαι: perf. pass. (in mid. sense) -έσχημαι:— to supply of oneself or from one's own means, Hdt., etc. furnish, produce, κροκοδείλους id=Hdt. display on one's own part, exhibit, προθυμίαν id=Hdt., etc. attic law, παρέχεσθαί τινα μάρτυρα to bring forward as a witness, Plat. produce as one's own, ἄρχοντα παρέχεσθαί τινα to acknowledge as one's general, Hdt.; π. πόλιν, of an ambassador, to represent a city in one's own person, Thuc. offer, promise, Hdt., etc. make so and so for or towards oneself, παρασχέσθαι θεὸν εὐμενῆ Eur. Arithmetic, to make up, amount to, παρέχονται ἡμέρας διηκοσίας Hdt.

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