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cēdō cessī, cessus, ere

1 CAD-, to go from, give place, remove, withdraw, go away, depart, retire: cedam atque abibo: ex ingratā civitate: patriā: carinā, Ct.: per ora (hominum), i. e. to be seen, H.: Siciliā sibi omni cedi, to be evacuated, L.: cedere foro, to leave the exchange, i. e. be bankrupt, Iu.: alicui hortorum possessione, i. e. to cede, assign: ut possessionibus cederent: loco cedere, to retreat, N.: ex acie, abandon, L.: locum ex quo cesserant repetunt, L.: cedentes insequi, the retreating enemy, Cs.—Fig., to pass away, go from, drop out, vanish: vitā, die: e vitā: horae quidem cedunt et dies, elapse: memoriā, be forgotten, L.: fiducia cessit Quo tibi, diva, mei? V.To come to, fall (as a possession), to fall to the lot of, accrue: ut is quaestus huic cederet: quae captae urbi cessura forent, L.: regnorum cessit Pars Heleno, V.: undae cesserunt piscibus habitandae, O.: summa rerum in ducem cessit, Ta.: aurum in paucorum praedam cessisse, L.: quod cedit in altera iura, H.To result, happen, turn out, fall out, work: gesta quae prospere ei cesserunt, were successful, N.: neque insidiae prospere cessere, S.: prout prima cessissent, in proportion to his success at the outset, Ta.: Quā Parcae sinebant Cedere res Latio, V.: neque si male cesserat, neque si bene, H.—With in and acc, to take the place of, supply the want of, be a substitute for: poena in vicem fidei cesserat, L.: victoribus fortuna in sapientiam cessit, Ta.: epulae pro stipendio cedunt, are taken in commutation, Ta.To yield, give place: quasi locum dare et cedere: pete cedentem aëra disco, H.: in tutum, L.: cedere nescius, H.: pars cedere, alii insequi, S.: huc omnis aratri Cessit amor, i. e. to warlike zeal, V.— With dat, to yield to, retreat before, submit to, be overcome by: Viriatho exercitūs nostri imperatoresque cesserunt: hosti, N.: comites, quibus ensis et ignis Cesserunt, i. e. who were unharmed, O.: fortunae, S.: loco iniquo, non hosti cessum, L.: Tu ne cede malis, succumb, V.To yield in rank, be inferior: nullā re cedens caelestibus: virtute nostris, Cs.: laudibus lanificae artis, O.: in re nullā Agesilao, N.: ut non multum Graecis cederetur, were not inferior.—To comply with, yield to, obey, conform to: auctoritati viri: cessit tibi blandienti Cerberus, H.: deae, O.: Cedo equidem, I comply, V.To grant, concede, allow, give up, yield, permit: aliquid amicitiae: currum ei, L.: cessit patribus, ut in praesentiā tribuni crearentur, L.

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