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διάθεσις , εως, , (διατίθημι)
A.placing in order, arrangement (“ τοῦ ἔχοντος μέρη τάξιςArist.Metaph.1022b1), Antipho Soph.24a; “πολιτείαςPl.Lg.710b; “τῶν ξενίωνId.Ti.27a.
2. disposition or composition in a work of art (opp.εὕρεσις), Id.Phdr.236a; opp.ἱστορία, μῦθος, Plb. 34.4.1, Plu.Arat.32, etc.; “δ. ᾠδῆςEup.303; “τῶν ἐπῶνPhryn.Com. 55; plan of a building, Plu.Per.13; subject of a picture, etc., Polem. ap. Ath.5.210b; “δ. μυθολογίαςPlu.2.16b; representation in a play, Hero Aut.20.2: in pl., word-painting, Plu.2.17b; of geographical description, Str.1.1.16; rhetorical art,μετ᾽ αὐξήσεως καὶ διαθέσεωςPlb.2.61.1.
b. in oratory, delivery, Plu.Dem.7; “δ. σώματός τε καὶ τόνου φωνῆςLongin.Rh.p.194H.
3. disposition of property, will, testament, = διαθήκη, Lys.Fr.44, Pl.Lg.922b.
4. disposing of, sale,τῶν περιόντωνIsoc.11.14, cf. PTeb.38.10 (ii B.C.), Str.11.2.12, Plu.Sol. 24; οἷς δ. εὔπορος, perh. means of disposing of it, of making away with it, Arist.Rh.1372a33 (possibly, inventive disposition).
5. δ. ἔγγραφος written report, POxy.52.13 (iv A.D.).
6. = διάθεμα, Procl.inCra.p.10P.(pl.).
II. (from Pass.) bodily state, condition, Hp.VM7, Arist.GA778b34; “δ. τοῦ σώματοςPhilem.95.4; δ. ὑγιεινή, νοσώδης, Gal.5.826, 17(2).238; ἕξις defined as “δ. μόνιμοςId.5.826; “νευρικὴ δ.OGI331.11 (Pergam.); of the mind, Antipho Soph. 24a; “ἕξις ψυχῆς καὶ δ.Pl.Phlb.11d; distd. from ἕξις, Arist.Cat.8b28, de An.417b15, Zeno and Chrysipp.Stoic.1.50, 3.111; “δ. ἁμαρτωλόςPhld.Lib.p.560., al.; δ. σωματική, ψυχική, A.D.Synt.278.10: pl., Diotog. ap. Stob.4.7.62.
b. disposition towards persons, Pl.R.489a; propensity, Cic.Att.14.3.2; πρός τινα Sch.E.Hec.8.
2. generally, state, condition,τὴν βασιγείαν εἰς τὴν ἀρχαίαν δ. κατέστησενOGI 219.11 (Sigeum, iv/iii B.C.).
3. Gramm., force, function, τοῦ ὀνόματος δ. εἰσὶ δύο, ἐνέργεια καὶ πάθος (e.g. κριτής, κριτός) D.T.637.29; esp. of the voices of the verb, “δ. εἰσὶ τρεῖς, ἐνέργεια, πάθος, μεσότηςId.638.8; δ. παθητική, μέση, A.D.Synt.210.19, 226.10; also of tense, χρονικὴ δ. ib.251.1 (s.v.l.); διαβατικὴ δ. transitive force, ib.43.18.
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