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κῆρυξ , υ_κος, , Aeol. κᾶρυξ [α_] Sapph.Supp.20a.2, Pi.N.8.1:—but κήρυ_κος , ου, , EM775.26: (κηρύσσω):—
A.herald, pursuivant: generally, public messenger, envoy, “κ. λιγύφθογγοιIl.2.50, al.; “κηρύκων, οἳ δημιοεργοὶ ἔασινOd.19.135; “κ. ΔιῒφίλοιIl.8.517; “κ., Διὸς ἄγγελοι ἠδὲ καὶ ἀνδρῶν1.334; θεῶν κ., of Hermes, Hes.Op.80, cf.Th.939, A.Ag. 515, Ch.124: distd. from πρέσβεις, as being messengers between nations at war, Sch.Th.1.29, cf. A.Supp.727, Pl.Lg.941a, D.12.4: used interchangeably with ἀπόστολος, Hdt.1.21: as pr.n.of a family at Athens, Th.8.53, And.1.116, Paus.1.38.3, Poll.8.103; functioning as μάγειροι at festivals, Clidem.3, 17; “ΚηρυκίδαιPhot.
b. as fem., Pi.N.8.1, Nonn.D.4.11.
2. crier, who made proclamation and kept order in assemblies, etc., Ar.Ach.42 sq.; “ κ. ἀνεῖπενAnd.1.36, etc.; τῶν μυστῶν κ., at Eleusis, X.HG2.4.20, cf. SIG845 (Eleusis, iii A.D.), Philostr.VS2.33.4.
3. auctioneer, “ὑπὸ κήρυκος πωλεῖνThphr.Fr.97; “ἀπέδοτο πάντα τὰ ἔργα ὑπὸ κήρυκαIPE12.32B35 (Olbia, iii B.C.), cf. PHib.1.29.21 (iii B.C.); “ἀποδίδοσθαι ὑπὸ κήρυκιAmmon. Diff.p.81 V. (v.l. ὑπὸ κήρυκα Ptol.Asc.p.399 H.).
4. generally, messenger, herald, “θεοὶ κήρυκες ἀγγέλλουσιS.OC1511, cf. E.El.347; of the cock, Ar.Ec.30; of writing, Id.Th.780 (anap.); “κ. καὶ τάφος εἰμὶ βροτοῦIG14.1618; of Homer, ἡρώων κάρυκ᾽ ἀρετᾶς ib.1188: metaph., “κ. καὶ ἀπόστολος1 Ep.Ti.2.7, al.
II. trumpet-shell, e.g. Triton nodiferum, and smaller species, Arist.HA528a10, al., Hp.Vict.2.48, Diocl.Fr.133, Macho ap.Ath.8.349c, Gal.4.670, Alciphr.1.7, Alex. Trall.3.7. [υ_ exc. acc. pl. “κήρυ^καςAntim.19 (s.v.l.), cf. κηρυ^κιον AP 11.124 (Nicarch.): but accented κῆρυξ, Hdn.Gr.1.44, etc.] (Cf. Skt. kārús 'poet', kīrtis 'fame'.)
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