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πέτομαι , 2sg.
A.πέτεαιAnacr.9: impf. ἐπετόμην, Ep. πετ- Il.5.366, etc. : fut. “πετήσομαιAr.Pax77, cf. 1126 (ἀπο-); shortd. πτήσομαι ἐκ-) Id.V.208, and always in early Prose, (ἀνα-) Pl.Lg.905a, al., Aeschin.3.209, (ἐπι-) Hdt.7.15 (mostly in compds., but πτήσεσθαι in later Prose, Lib.Or.2.27): aor. ἐπτόμην, inf. “πτέσθαιS.OT17; elsewh. in compds., (ἐπι-) Il.4.126, (ἀν-) Antipho Fr.58, etc.; freq. also ἐπτάμην, Il.13.592, E.Hel.18, (παρ-) Semon.13, (ἐς-) Hdt.9.100; Ep. 3sg. “πτάτοIl.23.880, inf. πτάσθαι δια-) E.Med.1, part. “πτάμενοςIl.5.282, 22.362, etc. (in codd. of Pl. forms of ἐπτόμην in compds. predominate over those from ἐπτάμην; δι-έπτατο is found in codd. of Ar. V.1086, ἐκ-πτόμενος folld. by “κατ-έπτατοId.Av.788 sq.; ἀν-επτάμαν is prob. in S.Aj.693 (lyr.), προσ-έπτατο ib.382); subj. πτῆται for πτᾶται, Il.15.170: also aor. of act. form ἔπτην, ἔπτης, IG14.2550, Luc. Trag.218, “ἔπτηBatr.208, Nonn.D.2.223, al., Anacreont.22.3 ; opt. “πταίηςAP5.151 (Mel.); part. “πτᾶσαh.Cer.398, Hdn.Gr.1.532; elsewh. only in compds., (δι-) IG3.1386, (ἐξ-) Hes.Op.98, (ἀν-) S.Ant. 1307, E.Med.440, (προς-) A.Pr.115, (ὑπερ-) S.Ant.113 (Trag. only in lyr.): pf. πέπτηκα only as a coinage in Choerob. in Theod.2.79, elsewh. πεπότημαι (v. ποτάομαι): aor. Pass. “ἐπετάσθηνArist.HA624b6εἰς-), LXX Ps.17(18).10, Ho.9.11 (ἐξ-), Sotion p.186 W., D.S.4.77 (ἐξ-): fut. Pass. “πετασθήσομαιLXX Hb.1.8.—The only pres. in Hom. and Att. Prose is πέτομαι; πέταμαι is used by Sapph.Supp.10.8, Simon. 30, Pi.P.8.90, N.6.48, E.Ion 90 (anap.), AP11.208 (Lucill.), and in later Prose, as Arist.IA709b10, HA609a14 (περι-), cf. Moer.p.311 P.; noted as archaic by Luc.Pseudol.29: aor. imper. “πέτασσαιAnacreont. 14.2; ἵπταμαι (q. v.) is first found in late writers, Mosch.3.43, Babr. 65.4, etc. (mostly in compds., cf. ἐξίπταμαι; ἀφίπτατο in E.IA1608 is spurious), and is censured by Luc.Lex.25, Sol.7 :—fly, of birds, Il. 12.207, 13.62, Od.2.147, etc.; of bees, gnats, etc., Il.2.89, Hdt.2.95; of a departing spirit, “ψυχὴ ἐκ ῥεθέων πταμένη Ἄϊδόσδε βεβήκειIl.22.362; “ἐκ μελέων θυμὸς πτάτο23.880: metaph., of young children, “οὐδέπω μακρὰν πτέσθαι σθενοντεςS.OT17; also of arrows, javelins, etc., Il.20.99, etc.; ὀλοοίτροχος . . ἀναθρῴσκων π. 13.140 (but ἐκ χειρῶν ἔπτατ᾽ ἐρετμά, τεύχεα fell suddenly . . , Od.12.203, 24.534); of any quick motion, dart, rush, of men, Il.13.755, 22.143, etc.; of horses, “μάστιξεν δ᾽ ἐλάαν, τὼ δ᾽ οὐκ ἀέκοντε πετέσθην5.366, cf. 768, etc.; of chariots, Hes.Sc.308; of dancers, E.Cyc.71 (lyr.); πέτον fly! i.e. make haste! Ar.Lys.321; ἔχρην πετομένας ἥκειν πάλαι ib.55 ; “πολλοὶ ἥξουσι πετόμενοιPl.R.567d, cf. 467d; πέτονται . . ἐπὶ ταῦτ᾽ ἄκλητοι, of parasites, Antiph.229.
II. metaph. and proverbial usages:—to be on the wing, flutter, of uncertain hopes, ἐξ ἐλπίδος π. Pi.P.8.90; π.ἐλπίσινS.OT487 (lyr.); of fickle natures, “πέτει τε καὶ φρονῶν οὐδὲν φρονεῖςE.Ba.332 ; ἐφ᾽ ἕτερον π. Ar.Ec.899; ὄρνις πετόμενος a bird ever on the wing, Id.Av.169; πετόμενόν τινα διώκεις 'you are chasing a butterfly', Pl.Euthphr.4a, cf. Arist.Metaph.1009b38; of fame, fly abroad, “πέταται τηλόθεν ὄνυμ᾽ αὐτῶνPi.N.6.48.
2. c. dat., πτάμενος νοήματι flying in mind, Id.Fr.122.4. (Cf. πίπτω, Skt.pátati 'fly', 'fall', Lat. prae-pes, etc.)
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